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Sunday, Jun 16, 2024
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Letter from the editor: The Cluster belongs to students

Past editors in chief will probably disagree with what I’m about to say, but I’m going to say it anyway.

Last year was one of the most exciting times to be editor in chief of The Cluster, and I am thankful for the experience.

How many people can say they were editor of the school newspaper when Mercer University reinstated the football program after over 70 years?

The Cluster told stories about Mercer winning game after game, about Alex Avant making the national spotlight and about a university that excels at whatever it puts its mind to.

How many people can say they were editor of the school newspaper when the men’s basketball team beat Duke University during the NCAA tournament?

The Cluster told stories about seniors leaving a legacy, about a community coming together after a huge success and about a student body whose school spirit was recognized across the nation.

I cannot express my gratitude for having been trusted to lead The Cluster during such an incredible year, and I cannot express my gratitude for having been trusted to do it again.

Mercer changed a lot last year, and so did The Cluster. Both will change some more this year.

I can’t predict how Mercer will change, but The Cluster is already changing in impressive ways.

Our website,, has a new, user-friendly design. We also have a mobile app in development.

With our digital platforms, you’ll get daily updates from The Cluster, instead of having to wait for us to publish the paper only twice per month.

That’s what the student body of Mercer deserves: reliable, regular news.

Although The Cluster staff puts this paper together, the paper isn’t ours—it’s yours. The Cluster is a public service to the Mercer student body, and we aren’t doing our job if we don’t publish news you need and want to hear.

The bottom line is this: Journalism is not about writing and it’s not about getting published. Journalism is community service, and my goal as editor this year will be to make sure The Cluster excels at serving its community.

But this paper is not a one-way form of communication. The Cluster is your forum, your public space. It’s a place to express your opinions and beliefs. It’s a place that fosters conversation about the issues facing Mercer and Macon.

To that end, I encourage you to write to us. Write an opinion piece on an issue you feel strongly about. Write a letter to the editor in response to any articles we publish.

Change does not happen without conversation, so use The Cluster as a way to converse with and challenge your fellow students.

Simply write a letter and email it to What you write might be published in the paper, and you might be instrumental in effecting change at Mercer.

Change can’t happen without dedicated people, and I’d like to thank The Cluster’s editorial staff for being willing to serve this community. Thanks also to the writers and photographers who fill this paper every issue with the stories Mercer needs to read.

And a special thank you goes to Carl Lewis, a 2011 graduate of Mercer. Without his dedication and love for this paper and this school, we wouldn’t have a shiny new website or app.

All that said, welcome back, Mercerians! Use this year to change Mercer and Macon for the better.

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