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Monday, Mar 4, 2024
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Subscription services save students time and money

As college students, we generally seek out the best deals that we can get on products that we regularly buy: snack food, grooming supplies and clothing, for example.

Traditional purchase patterns require that we go to the supermarket or mall to pick up these items, but our busy schedules can sometimes hinder us from allotting enough time to make these trips as often as we may want to.

Fortunately, a recent trend has been that of subscription boxes, monthly or otherwise regular deliveries right to our doorstep (or to Auxiliary Services). Spanning a wide variety of products, subscription boxes may prove beneficial to busy, on-the-go college students looking for more convenience in their purchases.


Dollar Shave Club

Gillette and Schick are a couple of the leading brands for men’s razor blades, but Dollar Shave Club offers a nice, less expensive alternative for those seeking regular razor blade purchases.

Dollar Shave Club’s main product, razors, come in three options: The Humble Twin, five two-bladed razors for $1 plus $2 shipping, The 4X, four four-bladed razors for $6 with no shipping fee, and The Executive, four six-bladed razors for $9 with no shipping fee.

Dollar Shave Club also offers other products, including shave butter, post-shave moisturizer, and bathroom wipes. After the first month of receiving a razor handle and set of four blades, subscribers have the option to receive additional blades on a monthly or bimonthly basis.

The handle for The Humble Twin, whose cost is $1, is primarily plastic whereas the handles for the other razors are a stronger, more durable metal, so interested parties may need to look past the $1 deal and move toward The 4X or The Executive, still great buys. Consumers may visit for more information.



Julep offers women a choice among fingernail polish and other beauty products delivered to them for about $20 a month.

Julep Mavens, subscribers to Julep, have a choice of many themed boxes, preset packagings with themes like It Girl and BoHo Glam that include a total of three products.

The drawback of these pre-chosen sets is that Mavens may not change individual nail polishes within a set; that is, if one set offers a nice red polish, but a Maven also likes the green polish in another set, she would either have to purchase both sets or buy one set and one polish individually.

Themed sets are designed to correspond, but some consumers may find that they like a little more freedom in their choice. Potential Mavens may visit for more information.



Healthy snacks at a low price are what Graze boasts.  With 90 different snack options, Graze offers four snacks for $6.49 per month. The price is relatively low, so potential customers should expect corresponding small portion sizes for each snack.

If a customer does not like one snack, he or she can easily give it a low rating on his or her profile, ensuring that the snack does not return in a future delivery.

While the low price may be appealing for college students, one major question is whether the small snack sizes merit only one delivery a month.

Because the snack options are so varied, anyone looking to subscribe to this service may want to pair it with another product instead of relying solely on Graze. For more information, consumers may visit


Elizabeth & Clarke

This site specializes in women’s shirts, delivering seasonally rather than monthly.  Every three months, subscribers to this service have the option to receive one, two, or three shirts at $30, $25, or $20 per shirt, respectively.

The very fashion-conscious options at Elizabeth & Clarke are perfect for those who may not like the hustle and bustle of in-store shopping, but the price may prove bleak for those who like to browse the sale rack instead.

More casual shoppers who do not dress exclusively for the season may find less interest in this service, but trendier consumers may appreciate the value in this website more.  Interested parties may find more information at


Disney Movie Club

The appeal of the Disney Movie Club is not only that it offers new Disney releases and classic favorites every month but also that it offers a discounted store for its members.

Monthly featured titles are offered to subscribers, who may accept or decline the purchase. Part of the convenience of the Disney Movie Club is that it does not require its subscribers to participate every month.

Additionally, upon joining the Disney Movie Club, members may buy four Disney movies at the cumulative price of $1.

Members must also adhere to Disney Movie Club’s terms of agreement, which state that customers must purchase five regularly priced DVDs or Blu-Rays within two years of signing up.  These titles are typically $19.95 for DVDs or $29.95 for Blu-Rays.

Upon fulfilling this commitment, subscribers are upgraded to VIP status and are offered even more discounts and specials throughout the year.

Additionally, other discounts (buy one at regular price, get anything else at 40 percent off) exist regularly, allowing users to buy Disney DVDs at a moderate price.  Potential customers should remember that Marvel Studios and ABC Studios fall under Disney’s umbrella.  For more information, visit


Picture courtesy of Dollar Shave Club


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