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Monday, May 27, 2024
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Bear Forum: a place to voice your concerns

The event was pitched as a place to “voice your concerns” on the organization’s Facebook page, but there weren’t many issues raised at Bear Forum because there were only three students there that aren't on SGA.

“We were expecting 60,” said Senator Min Oh, the chairwoman of Public Relations and Elections.

In the forum, SGA gave a breakdown of committee reports, campaign advice and event updates, in addition to free donuts.

Here are some tidbits from tonight’s meeting that should be on your radar:

  • Taste of Macon is coming on April 18. Restaurants from around the city will be on campus to offer some of their food for students to try. “It was featured on Snapchat,” said Senator Oscar Martinez.

  • Last Chance Lecture is coming April 9 and Heritage Life wants your feedback on what kind of giveaways they should have in the future! Did you like the Penfield blankets? The Founder’s Day shirts? The mugs from the Christmas Tree Lighting? Let Senator Caroline Cooper or Senator Rebekah Fulton know.

  • Fiscal affairs has allocated nearly $70,000 for organizations on campus this year -- and because of it, they’re almost out of funding.

  • Student Life and Organizational Affairs (SLOA) is working on a “Master Calendar” to prevent organizations from planning events with conflicting times.

  • Keep your eyes out for the Civic Symposium, an event intended to strengthen the ties between the university and the city -- and if you have any suggestions for how an event like that could go, contact Senator Timothy Lewis or Senator Raymond Partolan.

  • Ever wonder where all of those engraved benches come from? That kind of gift to Mercer is the Senior Gift Committee’s job, and right now, they're looking at re-decorating and updating the classroom in the administration building that leads to the Tower.

  • Senator Katie Callaway said that Mercer is working on getting a "speed table" from the Admissions house to Greek row, which is essentially a raised, flat walkway that serves as a speed-breaker.

  • Is your Wi-fi down? How was your dinner in the Caf? Contract services are the ones to talk to. They are meeting with IT next week to discuss the Wi-Fi, and if you are having problems with the food provided by Aramark, feel free to contact Senator Christopher Murdoch or Senator Elizabeth McKay.

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