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Monday, Apr 15, 2024
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Brick Campaign to benefit Tattnall Square Park

In order to make the new fountain in Tattnall Square Park aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, personalized bricks are being sold to complete the design.

Ron Lemon, board member, helped set up a fundraising campaign of purchasing bricks to memorialize a loved one, business, pet or anything else.

“We are always brainstorming ways to sustain the park,” Lemon said. “The park takes money, so we thought it would be a good idea to raise money for engraved bricks.”

People can purchase two types of bricks: a $100 or a $300 brick. The smaller brick can hold three lines of text, and the larger brick can hold 6 lines.

Lemon and the Tattnall Square organization have already sold 50 bricks and they haven’t marketed or advertised the fundraiser except through their Facebook page.

“At first it was a Facebook experiment because we have loyal followers,” Lemon said. “Now we already have 50 bricks and we haven’t spread the word much at all.”

Lemon and the board plan to put a sign where the fountain will be located advertising the brick sale and they will also be going to local TV stations in April to reach more people.

Lemon said that he wants to sell at least 200 bricks, so there can be a nice display around the new fountain. He also said that if there are more bricks than expected then they could put them in other places around the park.

Donations of any amount are appreciated for the Tattnall project, so if people can’t contribute the full brick amounts there are still ways to give to the park.

“We appreciate all donations because maintenance of the area is expensive,” Lemon said. “We want to be able to do nicer things in the park that the city can’t pay for.”

Bricks can also be purchased for other reasons besides a memorium.

“We have had a couple of people say they wanted to buy a brick for their dogs since they walk through the park regularly,” Lemon said. “We also have had Mercer parents purchase bricks for the upcoming graduates.”

Lemon said that they are fortunate to have the collaboration of Mercer right across the street, and he would love for Mercer students and families to buy bricks.

“These bricks are attractive and I think that it is going to be fun to go look for bricks,” Lemon said. “People can see these engraved bricks for over one hundred years.”

The fountain is being built in Alabama right now and it will move to Macon in August. After all of the on site building and plumbing is in place, then the bricklaying will begin.

Donations for bricks will be accepted at least until June and contributors can use the online links or mail a check to the Tattnall Square P.O. Box.

“We want to push these bricks and make them a statement,” Lemon said. “Spread the word!”




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