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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

Mercer intramurals ramps up schedule

Mercer Intramural schedule for Fall of 2015
Mercer Intramural schedule for Fall of 2015

Mercer’s Recreational Sports & Wellness program provides students with a chance to play sports with their friends and against other schools. Princeton Review ranked Mercer number 14 in the “Everybody Plays” category in 2015.

“I have met so many people through intramural sports. I have so many friends that I am not sure I would have ever met them if not for getting involved with this,” said Brittany Mueller, the student director of programming.

Besides being able to get out and meet new people, intramural sports provide students with the chance to stay active.

“It’s a way that we can keep students active,” Mueller said. “It doesn’t matter if you are Greek, an athlete or just someone who loves sports. This gives you that chance to put yourself out they are and stay active.”

For the 2015-2016 school year, intramurals will be introducing two new sports KanJam and wiffleball.

“KanJam is the newest sport that we are bringing to students. It is two trashcans, and you are trying to earn points by getting it inside of the can or by hitting the can. It is a lot of fun,” Mueller said.

Wiffleball is the same backyard favorite that many people played growing up.

Spikeball has also been moved up to a mid-major sport meaning it will now be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of just a one day tournament. Spikeball was introduced last year, and it instantly became one of the most popular sports.

If you are looking for a step up in the competition, Mercer Recreational Sports & Wellness gives you a way to do that, too.

“Club sports give people who want to create their own teams and compete against other schools that opportunity,” Mueller said.

Club sports range from soccer to golf and basically everything in between. Most of the club teams get to travel and play against other club teams.

“Women’s soccer is our newest club sport, but the existing club teams are striving harder than ever to make an impact,” Mueller said.

Men’s club soccer hosted Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern and also traveled to different schools in the last couple years as they have faced stiff competition.

“If there is a sport you are passionate about that we do not have as a club sport, then you can contact Todd Thomas who is the Director of  Recreational Sports and Wellness and express interest to him, and he’d work with you in trying to make that club team happen,” Mueller said

Mercer Recreational Sports & Wellness also offer students the opportunity to go on trips for a small fee.

This year on Sept. 5 there will be a trip to Columbus, Georgia for white water rafting. The cost is $30 but will include both transportation and rafting.

On Oct. 10 there will be a zip lining trip, and a kayak down the Ocmulgee will be held on Nov. 4. These are all the scheduled outdoor adventures for the fall semester.  

Mercer Recreational Sports and Wellness showcases many different sports and has some other benefits, students said.

“It is such a great way to bond with other students. I love all the sports, but my favorites would have to be Ultimate Frisbee or soccer,” said junior Josh Hodges.

Get up and get moving as you don’t want to miss out on a great season of recreational sports. Follow Mercer Recreational Sports and Wellness on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for updates on all upcoming events and sports.




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