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Friday, Mar 31, 2023

The price of being a woman

Editor’s Warning: The following may cause Bras. Tampons. Pads. Daintily scented deodorants and shampoos. All geared towards and priced for the female gender — all grossly overpriced.

Zoey Freedman, a college student writ- ing for a paper much like the one you are holding now was recently called pathetic and stupid for suggesting that pads and tampons should be free. After all, a peri- od is something that a woman can hardly control, or even keep in, so why should they not be treated like the necessities they are, instead of ‘luxuries’ the govern- ment treats them as?

For men imagine this: You wake up one morning, and realize you have to wash your sheets because sometime in the night, your uterus lining began to dissolve and spilled blood all over them. Blood is no easy stain to get out, so you’ll probably have to spend extra money.

And, if you are unlucky enough to only own one pair of sheets, it’s time to go to the store.

If you’re unlucky enough to be a 14-year- old having your first period during school, and you don’t like the feel of tampons, then you’re once again in trouble. All the school may have to offer is tiny panty lin- ers that wouldn’t stop the flood.

Having to take anywhere from $5-$10 out of a college student’s budget can mean the difference in a meal and getting tam- pons. So, women are forced to shell out that money and just hope they can scrape something together from the ramen in the pantry.

If condoms are free — something used for an act that is not even necessary to lead a normal life — why not items that are? Women have absolutely no choice in being the precious bearers of life, yet there are people who would continue to profit off of a body function that is not only annoying but painful as well.

Now, lets also talk about how womens’ items in general are priced higher than men. Go look in your local deodorant aisle. How much is the cheapest men’s deodorant? How much is the woman’s? What’s the difference in size? Why do we even need to genderize things such as a body odor removal anyway?

Bras. The ultimate thing that every woman as is told she needs and yet is criticized for it if it shows. Newsflash! Boobs are a thing. According to society, they need to be held up. So shut up about seeing a bra strap, and stop charging $30 for a scrap of fabric. Speaking from personal experience, buying a bra has become a luxury because of the price. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention it has been proven that bras themselves have no physical benefit to a woman’s body. If anything, they do more harm than good.

Free tampons and pads are necessary. Lower the price of bras. Quit punishing women for not having a penis.


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