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Monday, Jun 5, 2023
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Magic and suspense make “The Name of the Wind” an unforgettable fantasy

Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind defies fantasy tropes with an intense plot that will leave readers begging for more. 
Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind defies fantasy tropes with an intense plot that will leave readers begging for more. 

“The Name of the Wind,” an epic dark fantasy novel by author Patrick Rothfuss, is one of the greatest fantasy novels I have read to date. As the first of the trilogy “The Kingkiller Chronicle,” the novel’s plot is a retelling of a hero’s life from his own perspective — in essence, a story within a story.

Our hero, Kvothe, leads a peculiar childhood and begins his life of adventure and mystery from humble origins. In the first novel, we witness his rise from a rather ordinary child, full of curiosity with a sharp memory, to his first heroic act, which sets the stage for the remaining two novels.

I found the book’s imaginary world to be the most interesting, as its system of magic is unlike any fantasy I have ever come across. Inspired by the theories of quantum physics, the magic of “The Name of the Wind” is logical and follows interesting and complex rules. This magic, which is called sympathy, will keep readers in constant thought and anticipation of what is possible.

Early on in the story, Rothfuss leaves us with questions that prevented me from setting the book down. Readers are shown what Kvothe has become from the very beginning, a mere shadow of the hero the story tells us he will be. He is filled with regret and guilt and the burning desire to know what happened to him will keep you turning pages.

One of the greatest things about this story is that Kvothe tells his story from his childhood onward, and readers get to learn about the novel’s world with the character. So we are taught the inner workings of the world and the secrets of its magic through the eyes of a child.

The fantasy is far from typical. Don’t let this talk of magic leave you with the wrong impression. Rothfuss has not only created a dark fantasy but a trope-destroying masterpiece full of mystery, danger, adventure, and heartbreak that will leave you wanting more.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful novel as much as I did - happy reading!


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