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Sunday, Jun 23, 2024
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New Year's resolutions you should actually keep this year

This year, take charge of your New Year's resolutions with these great tips.
This year, take charge of your New Year's resolutions with these great tips.

January 1, 2016 — the first day of a brand new year, and for many, the chance to set goals for a “brand new you.” The tradition of choosing a New Year’s resolution is incredibly popular, especially for the first couple weeks of the New Year.

Here’s a list of popular resolutions that are possible to keep and to add to your everyday life in the New Year:

  1. Eat Healthier

This is arguably the most popular New Year’s resolution. Whether you’re eating healthier to lose weight or just to make a lifestyle change, it’s an incredibly positive resolution. But why is it so hard to keep?

As college students, the problem usually comes in the form of temptation and/or lack of funds. Two words . . . Taco Bell. Fast-food restaurants are easy, affordable and, if you’re not careful, incredibly fattening.

Healthy foods can be expensive and hard to find. However, we live in the day of the World Wide Web, and “there’s an app for that.” Check your smart phone for apps like LoseIt and MyFitnessPal. Search for “healthy options in fast food,” and you’ll probably find something tasty AND healthy before it’s your turn to order.

  1. Travel to New Places

Make yourself a promise to explore, go on an adventure and travel to new places “You’re off to great places” — that’s what they tell us when we graduate high school. Here’s your motivation and a New Year’s resolution to hold you to it.

Plan a trip for spring break, start saving up now, and go somewhere! Set your goals early and make them reasonable. Take your friends and make it a road trip! School can be stressful, so take the time to escape, whether it’s a cross-country road trip or a simple drive down I-16 to Savannah.

  1. Be Less Stressed

This one’s a tall order for a college student. We’re bombarded with stress from every direction: grades, tests, work, friends, finances and much more. However, less stress means better health, so it’s essential to keep your stress in check.

It seems obvious, but making sure to get enough sleep will lessen your stress. Learn your limits. Get enough sleep. If you can, take a nap. Your work will be there when you wake up, and you’ll be better for it.

Next, work to organize your life. Make a list of priorities. Rate everything you have to do by importance and deadline. Coming up with a plan and following it will help to make sure to use time efficiently. Plus, if you utilize your time, it means that you can afford to take that study break and go out with friends.

Those are just a few ideas to start to lessen your stress levels in the New Year. If you’re experiencing headaches where the tension comes from the back of your neck, you’re suffering from “stress headaches” and it might be a good time to reevaluate how college life is taking its toll on you.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution is, try your best to stick to it! A brand new year is a great opportunity to change; you just have to be motivated.

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