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Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023

Mercer student robbed at gunpoint in 1503 Garden Apartments

A Mercer University student was robbed at gunpoint inside of his room at the 1503 Garden Apartments Saturday night.

Two men entered the on-campus apartment around 11:30 p.m. and the pair made off with several items. Only one resident was home at the time of the incident. 

“It is still under investigation,” Mercer Police Cpl. Mike Kondorf said. “I believe I heard one of the officers say that a MacBook Pro was taken.”

Kondorf went on to say that the Mercer Police officers planned to follow up with the student and his roommates later in the day.

Surveillance video captured the two men entering through the center entranceway of the apartment complex and making their way down a hallway. They waited a short time before entering the room.

Once inside, the pair spent only a few minutes in the room before leaving in opposite directions. One was carrying a duffel bag.

Kondorf said the door was unlocked, but doors in the 1503 Garden Apartments lock automatically once they are completely closed. However, some of the doors in the building can be manually unlocked.

“It’s a possibility [that the door wasn’t closed well],” Kondorf said. “I can’t tell by the video because it's obscured by the stairway because [the room] is right there on the end.”

Students also spoke to the alleged robbers before the incident.

“There was a lot of activity in the area during that time,” Kondorf said.

The same pair was also connected to one of the “dozen or so” reported phone thefts or missing phone reports made following Bearstock.

There are also reports of another robbery in one of the other Garden Apartment buildings, Kondorf said.

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