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Monday, Jun 5, 2023
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Five cheap Valentine’s Day ideas

Retreating to an outdoor getaway like Lake Tobesofkee is always a classic date idea.
Retreating to an outdoor getaway like Lake Tobesofkee is always a classic date idea.

Since New Year’s ended and the heart-shaped candy started going up in shelves, single and taken people everywhere have known what was coming — Valentine’s Day. As a day commonly surrounded by high expectations, making plans can be a daunting task.

With the small budget of an average college student in mind, here are five cheap and easy options to make a big event of this Valentine’s Day.


  1.      Dinner Date

If it seems like a cliché, that’s because it works. Good food is almost always a guarantee for a good time. Thankfully, Macon offers plenty of dining options outside of those that accept a Bear Card as proper payment.

From the Rookery to Parish, downtown Macon has several great dining options for an enjoyable night. With so many options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unable to decide. Avoid all that and check out The Cluster’s Bear Bites page online and to find one that satisfies everyone’s cravings.

Because this is a more traditional date idea, reservations should be made to insure the night goes as smoothly as possible. Dessert won’t hurt either.


  1.      Nature Walks

Just as food is always a safe bet, quality peaceful time together is never a bad way to go. Thankfully, Macon has just as many beautiful outdoor spaces as it does delicious restaurants.

The Ocmulgee National Monument is a great escape from the stress of a semester in full stride. In fact, the outdoors is the best option for any couple with scheduling issues or later classes. Nature is always available and the park is at its most majestic near sunset.

Given the surrounding beauty and history, there should never be a lull in conversation. With a backdrop straight from a movie, a peaceful walk around this park is sure to provide a memorable evening and impeccable photo lighting.  


  1.      Skating

Sure, dinner is great and nature is beautiful, but maybe you’re looking for something different this Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, even in that case, Macon has it covered.

The Olympia Family Fun Center is just a short drive from campus and equipped with a full skating rink for an evening of fun. A skate date should be incorporated into a Valentine’s weekend celebration rather than the night of as the center’s spring hours are more flexible from Thursday to the weekend.

The Olympia skating rink manages to be a fun date idea without much effort. Even better, the cost of admission and skate rentals is well within a college student’s budget.


  1.      Macon Little Theatre

If skating seems like an activity that might require too much coordination, there is nothing wrong with the classic dinner and show. Although the movies are a great source of entertainment, especially with so many choices right around awards season, there is no true replacement for the theatre.

Luckily, Macon Little Theatre is putting on “A Higher Place in Heaven” by Erin Ferrell until Feb. 12. Going on a date just before Valentine’s night means avoiding crowds and changing extravagant plans to more laid back ones.

Tickets are not expensive and the theatre is a brief car ride away. With a story sure to touch the heart, “A Higher Place in Heaven” is a proactive plan for a hectic holiday.


  1.      Lake Tobesofkee

Once again, retreating to the outdoors is always a classic date idea. Given this year’s unusual weather, Lake Tobesofkee should not be ruled out as a Valentine’s Day option.

Not a far drive from campus, a lakeside date would not only be affordable but also convenient. Because this date is fun on a basic level, there is plenty of room to go the extra mile. A candlelit dinner, made by packing the night’s meal in advance, would make for a perfect evening.

Depending on the water’s temperature, swimming may not be the best option. Still, Lake Tobesofkee’s accessibility and versatility make it a good Valentine’s Day choice for nearly any couple.


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