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Sunday, Sep 24, 2023
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Top 10 Netflix Shows

Netflix has an array of different movies and shows.
Netflix has an array of different movies and shows.

With classes back in session, Netflix binging has gone from being a full-time job to merely a hobby. Even with a new load of work, you might need a suggestion for a new show to get hooked on. Here are my top 10 shows to watch for when you can’t take one more second of that textbook.

  1. “Criminal Minds”

This show follows the Behavior Analysis Unit of the FBI around the country as they solve crimes by diving into the minds of serial killers, terrorists and, in some cases, each other. The easiness of falling in love with every character and the truths revealed about the human mind put this show in my number one spot.

     2) “The Night Shift”

The mixture of suspense, drama and action places “The Night Shift” at number two. This show throws you into the lives of ER doctors and nurses. The show addresses topics from fatal illnesses, addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder. The writers create a good balance between drama and medicine that makes the show more than just a topic about which characters are dating, which is why it knocks “Grey’s Anatomy” right off the list.

     3) “The Crown”

The Netflix original reenacts the life of Queen Elizabeth II starting shortly before her coronation. The series shows the trials, pain and journey of the royal family that the world did not know before. The intrigue of getting to know the characters’ lives and the excellent acting by the cast places this Golden Globes winner at number three.

     4) “Merlin”

“Merlin” follows the stories of the wizard Merlin and Prince Arthur in the days of Camelot. The show tells stories of magic and adventure as well as humor and loyalty. The BBC original is completed with five seasons that will make you laugh, cry and wish for a land where magic is real. This places “Merlin” at number four.

     5) “Good Witch”

The Hallmark original is a spin-off of the Hallmark movie “The Good Witch”. The show tells the story of widow Cassie Nightingale years after the original film was made. Cassie Nightingale still has the Grey House and her small town store where she uses her gifts to help people. The simplicity and the heartwarming effects of this show put it as number five on my list.

     6) “Supernatural”

This CW show follows the lives of the Winchester brothers across the United States as they investigate supernatural events. From fighting ghosts and werewolves to demons and angels, these brothers see and face the monsters from our worst nightmares. The show is more than just fights and gore, however, as the Winchesters learn to face the truth of their childhood and accept the only future that is out there for them. This tale of selfless fighting for others places this show in my number six spot.

     7) “The Flash”

The CW show is based off of the DC comic “The Flash”. The show starts with the Flash’s origin of how he obtained his super speed abilities and continues with other metahumans he must face to protect Central City. This show overlaps with two other shows that did not make it on my top 10, however. One cannot be watched without the others. “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow” are good shows but lack the same balance of family, justice and trials that places “The Flash” at number seven.

     8) “Friends”

This classic show had a 10 season run, but still shows on television regularly. The show follows the lives of six friends living in New York City as they face the ups and downs of life. The combination of humor, drama and good acting puts this show at number eight.

     9) “How to Get Away with Murder”

The ABC original gives way to suspense, mystery and love life drama. The constant back and forth of the past and present leaves viewers trying to figure the mystery themselves. The show follows law students and their professor trying criminal cases as they try to hide the evidence of murder. The pure suspense of not knowing who is innocent and who is guilty places this show at number nine of the list.

   10) “Once Upon a Time”

This show takes the classic fairy tales that we were raised on and twists them to tell a whole new story. This ABC original tells of the trial and struggles faced as the fairy tale characters are brought to our world by a curse. The curse, of course, can only be broken by true love. The familiarity of the fairy tales mixed with new origin stories and new battles gives this show the final spot in my top 10.

If you’ve already seen these shows and still need  something new to watch, here’s a list of good shows that didn’t quite make the cut. There’s the Netflix originals “Fuller House”, “13 Reasons Why” and “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. These shows are good but are not quite far enough along in the series to make it to the list. Other good shows include “Arrow”, “Quantico”, “Agents of Shield” and “Hawaii Five-O”.

I’m also aware of a few shows that have a large fan base. These shows didn’t make it on my list simply because I haven’t seen them yet. Still feel free to check these few shows out: “Riverdale”, “Stranger Things” and “Orange is the New Black”.


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