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Monday, Mar 4, 2024
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Opinion: Mercer should add art on campus

The simple landscape of Cruz Plaza.
The simple landscape of Cruz Plaza.

When walking around Mercer University there are lots of things to look at, but there is also a noticeable lack of color and art. On the way to class, a student will primarily see common, hazel-colored buildings lacking life.

The campus fails to reflect the vibrant personalities of the students and faculty that inhabit it. Additional art around campus will bring a greater feeling of community on the students’ part, especially if the art is made by students.

The reason a lack of color around campus is an issue goes beyond the aesthetic aspect. The absence of color portrays the campus as mundane with ordinary students when the university is much more than that. Mercer University contains extraordinary people, and the appearance of the campus should relay that message.

One benefit from a vivid campus would be when people come to visit they would be left with a memorable image in their mind. Another benefit from the addition of art is it would allow talented students a chance to use their abilities by leaving a mark on their university and in turn preparing them to make a mark on the world.

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Some would believe that the campus does not need any art or that the campus has enough art around and there is no need to add more. Another problem brought forth is the protection of the art from vandalism.

A way to protect the art from vandalism would be by using lighting to deter vandals and by hiring local artists which would make people less likely to vandalize the art since it is connected to the community. The goal of incorporating more art around campus is one that benefits the entire Mercer community.

To challenge the thought that there is no need for any art one can say that the lack of art shows that creativity is also missing within the campus. Yes, a small amount of art exists around campus, but there is not enough to say the university is brimming with life even when there aren’t students walking around.

Many different avenues exist for the university to take to include more art around campus. One way to create more art for the school would be by opening the door for students to be allowed to present art projects to a board of faculty members who will then approve or disapprove the project.

Another way to bring about the addition of more color around the university would be by commissioning local artists to create something for the school. The university should also honor the artist that created the mural in Mercer Village and any other artist that creates something for the university. If the following ideas all fail, the university could then turn to the student body for ideas.

The simple buildings point to the emptiness within the campus. The university must evolve from a bleak surrounding to one that inspires creativity and difference.

The overall goal is for the campus to resemble those that walk its sidewalks, care about their school and see it as their home. When walking through Mercer University, you should be able to feel that the university is a living, breathing thing.


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