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Monday, Apr 15, 2024
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Bear Bites: Ricky’s Tacos

Ricky's offers several taco options, such as carne asada and chorizo.
Ricky's offers several taco options, such as carne asada and chorizo.

Food, at the end of the day, does not depend on ornaments and circumstance to make it great. Sometimes, the best food is that which is unpretentious, tasty and affordable. Ricky’s Tacos is a reminder of that.

Ricky’s Tacos,which consists of a couple of small buildings and two picnic tables located on 3717 Mercer University Drive, is a place where the food speaks for itself. It’s just plain great.

The Good

The Tacos

I ordered one of each of their tacos, including a chorizo taco that is not on their regular menu. The tacos were served on two small, soft tortillas with just meat, onions, salsa and cilantro, with lime and radish on the side.

The tacos were everything I could ever ask for in a taco. The meat was tasty and flavorful, the salsa and cilantro gave it a freshness, and the texture from the radish just brought it all together.

The Burritos

Photographer Peter Garcia ordered the special “Ricky’s Burrito,” which is about the size of a small baby. Not only did he think that the burrito was tasty, but he also had enough to take home and eat later.

The Price

Everything on the menu is inexpensive. Four tacos only cost around $10, and they were also very generous portions for tacos. The burritos are under $10, and one could certainly make two meals out of one burrito.

“The prices were definitely affordable and worth the money for the great flavor and portion of food served,” Garcia said.

The Questionable

The Environment

Personally, I do not mind sitting out on the picnic tables, and I look forward to swinging by Ricky’s to grab some tacos to-go so that I can eat them in my dorm or at the park.

Some, however, might be turned off by some of Ricky’s more rustic charms, like the limited seating, only having bottled drinks or having to order at a window. Others may enjoy the ability to quickly get the food through the drive-thru.

“The quick service makes it very convenient for a quick to-go bite or for someone in a hurry,” Garcia said.

The Bad

The Hours

The only bad thing I have to say is that Ricky’s is not always open during the hours posted, but that may just be a result of being new.

Those searching for an exceptionally good deal on great tacos need look no further. Just a ride down Mercer University Drive will take you to a place where taco dreams come true.



Will 4.5/5

Peter 4.5/5


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