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Monday, Mar 4, 2024
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GoFundMe for Campus Cat Chrissy

Madison Buerster and Crissy, the campus cat she has taken under her wing.
Madison Buerster and Crissy, the campus cat she has taken under her wing.

Mercerians may have spotted a particularly friendly cat walking around campus recently. He is an orange tabby and his name is Chrissy. The cat, who is a couple of months old, loves to roam around the Greek side of campus and is particularly fond of the Phi Mu house.

Originally thought to be a female, Chrissy has won the hearts of several students on campus. One person in particular has made it her mission to make sure that Chrissy gets the care he needs.

Jamie Benson

Madison Buerster is a second-year student who has made it her job to make sure that Chrissy is taken care of before summer rolls around. She originally wanted to adopt Chrissy, but she needed help to pay for his medical bills.

“I was actually talking to a fellow Resident Assistant and I told her that I wanted to adopt Chrissy, but I was unsure because of the various costs,” Buerster said.

Chrissy is cross-eyed, needs deworming, defleaing and to be neutered. To help raise money for Chrissy, Buerster was inspired by a friend to create a GoFundMe page with a goal of $200 to take care of all the medical costs.

“I plan on getting Chrissy neutered, vaccinated and groomed. Any money left over will be donated to All About Animals shelter here in Macon,” Buerster said.

As of now, Buerster exceeded her fundraising goal. She was able to raise a total of $205 to help with the care and adoption of Chrissy.

Jamie Benson
Chrissy, the campus cat, soaking up some rays of sun.

Sophomore Rachel Keller was one of the first donors for Chrissy’s cause. Keller donated $40 to help pay for Chrissy’s needs. She said that she wanted to help because Buerster is one of her best friends and because she loves animals.

“I am a huge animal lover and it always breaks my heart to see stray animals. I figure if donating a little money will help an animal in need then that’s what I’m going to do,” Keller said.

Since Buerster was able to raise enough money to take care of Chrissy, he will be living with her this summer and be receiving lots of love and attention while staying nice and cool indoors.

“He’s my baby and man, he is spoiled! If you ever want to get some cuddles from him, stop by the Phi Mu house, he’s always lounged around waiting for some attention,” Buerster said.  


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