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Friday, Mar 24, 2023

Five Rules for Football Season

Graphic designed by Cecelia Poehlman.
Graphic designed by Cecelia Poehlman.

Football season is a great time to get together with friends and cheer for your favorite team. However, planning the perfect watch party can be stressful and can take a lot of work. So here are five things to remember when throwing a rocking football watch party.  

1. Location

When thinking of a place to have a watch party, a good place is at any of the local sports bars in Macon. Wild Wings Cafe and the Barefoot Tavern are both good places with an exciting atmosphere for getting together with friends and friendly waiters to make your sports night the best it can be.  If you would rather have people over to your place, make an effort to spice up your decor for the big game. Pull out the streamers and other decorations with your favorite team's mascot to get the party started.

2. Food is King

It’s not a party without snacks. If you are having a watch party at home, the food is just as important as the team you’re rooting for. Even if you are sure that it will be a small party, the heat of watching a competition is going to make your friends hungry. Have a variety of snacks available so that your guests will have options and your parties will be talked about even after the final touchdown. Try making the event a potluck so that there is less stress on you as a host and everyone can show off their foodie skills. Here are some cool recipes that can help with your snack selections.

3. The Guest List

When planning a great football party, you want a nice mix of guests. Obviously, you want to invite fans of your favorite team. But it will also be so much more fun if some fans of the opposing team are also partying with you. A friendly competition between buds can spice up any evening. So make sure everyone is included and bond over yelling at the TV screen.

4. Basic Etiquette

Now, tensions can get pretty high during a game. We all care so much about our teams and in the process can get carried away. It is good to remember that the game we are watching is one of many. There will be many winners and losers throughout this season. The important thing to remember is that we go to watch parties to bond with other fans and eat great food. After all, what is better than football and friends?

Also, make sure you dress the part. When at a watch party, show your team pride with jerseys, face paint and pom poms. It’s a party, go all out!

5. The Cleanup

No one likes to clean up after a party. But it must be done, and it all goes much faster with many hands at work. If you attend a watch party this football season, please offer to help the host in the cleanup. They worked so hard to give their guests a nice evening, and it is the least you can do to thank them for having the best party ever.

This football season,  remember that the love of the game is what bonds all fans. Whether you go to a restaurant or stay in to get your football fix, at the end of the day, it is all about having fun with your buddies and eating great food while watching an amazing game. Enjoy the season!


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