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Friday, Oct 15, 2021

What is the Macon Writers Group?

Are you an aspiring writer that would like to show off some of their work to the Macon community? Then look no further than the Macon Writers Group. With all of the organizations in Middle Georgia, this group is one of the few that celebrates writing with plenty of others of the same interest, and also puts out their own publication. Getting involved is as simple as joining their Facebook group.

The Macon Writers Group was started by Shane Trayers, who is an Associate Professor of English at Middle Georgia State University.

“Shortly after I moved to Georgia, I started the Macon Writers Group as a way to connect with other writers and have a sense of community in my new home,” said Trayers.

Since its inception 10 years ago, the group has met over 100 times and continues to do so every month.

The group has over 150 members according to their Facebook page, and there are posts all the time concerning new writings. The group has been featured in other publications, and their meetings see some great guest speakers come and talk.

“We have also had published authors come talk to the group and give workshops, usually once or twice a year, sometimes more.  We have been a part of and organized writers conferences, write-ins and writing marathons. We've been featured twice in Sidney Salons at the Sidney Lanier Cottage” said Trayers on their successes as a group.

The group is actually working towards a rather large project as well. Trayers and the group are putting together an anthology that contains writings that celebrate the group’s 10 years of existence. They are hoping to have it finished in time for their 10th birthday party in January.

The group is so successful that Middle Georgia State University decided to award Trayers with an award for her efforts. She was awarded the first place award for community engagement for her work in creating the group.

Trayers and the Macon Writers Group are always looking for new members, and they would love to have anyone new come and join them at their monthly meetings, which are the last Saturday of every month at 2 p.m., at the Ampersand Guild in Macon.

From their mission statement, “Writing, we believe, should be encouraged and nurtured within the group and the community at large.”


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