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Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023
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Athlete Profile: Freshman volleyball Sensation Brittany Major

Brittany Major (#14) contributed 15 kills in Mercer's win over Western Carolina Friday night.
Brittany Major (#14) contributed 15 kills in Mercer's win over Western Carolina Friday night.

Brittany Major has started her college career with a stellar first season, tallying 254 kills and 45 blocks this season. But her transition to college life and sport was helped along by the seniors on the team.

“I would say Danielle Faust and Paige Alsten [have] really mentored me not through just athletics but also like academics... They made it a little easier because it is kind of a hard adjustment period from going to high school to college and being away from home,” she said.

Major has played a number of different positions during the year but predominantly plays on the right side. Her ability to play multiple positions would seem to be unique for someone that has only being focusing on volleyball since the ninth grade.

“I did swimming for a really long time,” Major said. “I stopped around eighth grade probably ninth grade because I wanted to start doing volleyball and take it a little bit more serious because I realized I enjoyed swimming but I really enjoyed volleyball.”

Her decisions on what sport to play or what position to play weren’t her only tough decisions in her young life. Choosing where to attend college was difficult as well.

“At first I was committed to Radford but they're more like a business school and I wanted to hit the pre-med track,” Major said.

The focus to go to medical school and become a doctor in sports medicine lead Major to Mercer, but her enjoyment of Mercer and Macon’s environment made the adjustment to living away from her tight-knit family easier.

“I'm really close with my family. They come first to me,” she said.

Major said she is taking some time to adjust to Macon after moving from McDonough, Georgia.

“Usually my hometown it would have a lot more life and sensibilities of what I wanted to do (and) things were not as far,” Major said. “But I mean here it's fine I'm still adjusting to the downtown parts and finding places to go.”

Not everything in her life is so serious as studying to become a doctor. In high school, Major participated in drama and theatre.

“I was on the clock in Beauty and the Beast which was pretty funny because I'd act like a guy and then...  I was Tituba,” Major said. “And then a lot of other times I was just a stage manager… because I got to be the boss.”


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