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Monday, Jun 5, 2023
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Movie Review: “Halloween” is a return to form for the once great slasher series

Every year, the week of Halloween sees many great horror movies come into theaters, and also many bad ones. There is not a better time to release a spooky movie than on the scariest day of the year, and audiences absolutely love it. That being said, some of the horror movies that come out during this time definitely leave a lot to be desired, so there is always a bit of risk involved, more so when an attempt to revive a beloved franchise such as “Halloween” is made. Luckily, Michael Myers does not disappoint, and the movie is a rousing success.

“Halloween” started out in 1978, and it quickly became part of the gold standard for slasher movies. Years went by, and there would be many sequels, but none were quite as good as the first. After nearly a decade-long break, the series returns, and it is better than ever.

This “Halloween” is a re-imagining of sorts; the filmmakers see it is a true sequel to the original “Halloween” back in 1978. The original actor that played Michael Myers, James Jude Cortney, returns to the role and Jamie Lee Curtis returns as leading lady Laurie Strode.

Together, with newcomers Judy Greer and Andi Matichak as the daughter and granddaughter of Laurie Strode, the acting was truly sublime.

The story was pretty simple in a lot of ways, and I feel like that made the film much better. Had the writers decided to fill the movie with a lot of flair and funny business (similar to “Halloween” movies of the past), odds are fans would not have been so inclined to see the film. The late trend of “simple-but-scary” horror films seems to be strong, and “Halloween” did well to not stray away from that.

When it comes to slasher films, it doesn’t take a whole lot to get the movie right. At the same time, a few small steps could really put a movie in the wrong direction. Luckily, “Halloween” has a lot of history behind it to draw fans to the theaters. As it turns out, they did not need it; this year’s “Halloween” is so far the highest grossing of the series. It’s only been a few weeks since release, and things are only looking up!



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