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Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023

South American Dancing in Macon

Mr. Rauscher, dance instructor of the Macon Argentine Tango group, dancing with his partner. Photo provided by Carol Frayne.
Mr. Rauscher, dance instructor of the Macon Argentine Tango group, dancing with his partner. Photo provided by Carol Frayne.

On every Tuesday from 7:30-9 p.m. at Marco Ristorante Italiano in Macon, dancers come together to practice the Argentine Tango. This group dedicated to learning and dancing Argentine Tango is under the instruction of Clint Rauscher.

Rauscher has been dancing Argentine Tango for roughly four years, but has been dancing for closer to 16 years. Every last Sunday of the month he comes down from Atlanta to teach the students of the Argentine Tango dance group in Macon.

“I love sharing my love for this dance with others and it having a positive impact on their lives. I have had so many people tell me that they look forward to their weekly class and dances,” Rauscher said.

One of the members of the Argentine Tango group, Carol Frayne, said she greatly enjoys the art of the Argentine Tango. She started dancing with Rauscher nine years ago.

“The music is enticing, because it is played with a bandoneon. The bandoneon is like an accordion. If a dancer uses endless movement, (it) can show off the leader’s dance skills with good direction,” she said.

Rauscher said that in order to fully understand and enjoy the dance, the participants must be willing to interact with others. Not only does Rauscher believe that it is important for dance students to interact with one another, but it is also crucial for dancers to interact with the music.

“It is about the connection with our dance partner, the other people sharing the floor with us and our connection to the music,” he said.

Even though Rauscher believes that being connected to one’s partner, other dancers and the music is important for a successful dancer, he does offer private lessons for dancers who may be shy or desire one-on-one attention. The group lessons are $15 for an hour and a half while the private lessons are roughly $7 for an hour and a half.

“We live in a world where people can easily retreat from society with their computers and devices, and often don't know their neighbors that well. When you are part of a dance community you meet and embrace people that you ordinarily might not get to meet. And you can all come together over a shared passion,” Rauscher said.



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