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Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023

Movie Marathon Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Whether you think of the day as a celebration of love or a corporate holiday designed to sell commercial romance in the form of chocolates and flowers, Valentine’s Day has arrived. Candlelit dinners are often out of the budget for broke college students, but a movie marathon on trusty Netflix or Hulu is always a great option. For the lovebirds and the perpetually-single-by-choice, thank you very much, here are some movie ideas for Valentine’s Day.

“How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

If you’re cuddling up with a hot date or just a BFF, Matthew McConaughey’s abs (or Kate Hudson’s) will never let you down. This classic early-2000s rom-com is funny, sweet and even a little emotional. What better love story than a girl who is actively trying to get dumped and a guy who falls for her anyway? Set in New York City, where all great romances occur because love in Manhattan is just different, this movie is an excellent Valentine’s watch.

“Mamma Mia”

For those looking to have fun this Valentine’s Day, dancing along to “Mamma Mia” in your living room is the best way to go. With bops like “Dancing Queen” and heartfelt ballads like “Slipping Through My Fingers”, “Mamma Mia” can guide you through a range of your Valentine’s Day emotions and always stay catchy. This movie is a great option for Galentine’s with the squad with some popcorn and a bottle of sparkling grape juice.

“A Walk to Remember”

Whether you’re feeling madly in love or very masochistic this Valentine’s Day, Nicholas Sparks may have made this sappy tearjerker just for you. This 2002 drama is like an extra cheesy cousin to “The Fault in Our Stars” made before John Green was even a thing. Grab some tissues and an emotional support person because Mandy Moore and Shane West’s performance as two star-crossed teens is guaranteed to break your heart this Valentine’s Day. Use the tears as an excuse to cuddle even closer to your Valentine or go crazy on a pint of rocky road.

The Twilight Saga

That’s right, the entire Twilight saga is on Hulu now. If you’re itching to let loose that inner pre-teen this Valentine’s Day, grab some snacks and prepare to binge the whole thing. Let yourself indulge in some so-bad-it’s-good cinema and laugh at the awkward acting or cry when they say “I do” in the fourth movie. Gather some friends who are ready for five movies worth of cringey, over-the-top vampire love, and if you have a significant other willing to do this marathon with you, never let them go.


If the corny nature of Valentine’s Day just isn’t your style, exercise your girl power and spend the night learning about one of the first female justices confirmed to the supreme court. “RBG” is a documentary about Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s lifelong advocacy for gender equality and women’s rights. Learn the story of how Ginsburg became an iconic member of the nation’s highest court and gain some inspiration this Valentine’s Day.

“The Conjuring”

Some of us have things we just do not want to think about this Valentine’s Day. Even if you need to sit at home and let yourself feel bitter this year, you can still throw yourself a movie marathon. Filled with jump scares and Satanic sacrifice, “The Conjuring” is a great movie to take your mind off of romance and focus on being terrified for two hours. This one can be enjoyed with your most bitter friends or alone, and the best part is that if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing stopping you from looking like the evil witch from this movie.


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