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Thursday, Apr 18, 2024
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Bear Bites: Big Plates of American Favorites at Metro Diner

Metro Diner gives a creative twist to classics like the San Francisco Eggs Benedict served with avocado, ham, and tomato.
Metro Diner gives a creative twist to classics like the San Francisco Eggs Benedict served with avocado, ham, and tomato.

Sometimes, people eat out to try foods from other cultures that they cannot make at home. Sometimes, people eat out to find tasty and healthy alternatives to cooking.

Sometimes, people eat out to have a big plate of classic American comfort food.

Metro Diner is a great example of classic American eatery. Offering a large menu of diner favorites, from eggs benedict to chicken and waffles to meatloaf, Metro puts a twist on classic favorites. Some of these favorites include a cornbread waffle with maple butter or their Holy Davoli burger, which is served between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Good:

Great Service

We were greeted at the door, and even though it was crowded, we were taken to a table immediately. Our food came out quickly, and our waitress made sure I always had a coffee refill when I needed it.

“There was hospitality from when we got in until when we left,” said photographer, Peter Garcia.

Interesting Specials

On top of their long menu, Metro had a chalkboard featuring a few different specials. I ordered the special chorizo burger eggs benedict with a side of hashbrowns. The chorizo patties were flavorful, and the hollandaise on top made for a savory and hearty meal.

Sophomore Dwayne Brown who ate with us ordered the special apple streusel waffles. The Waffles were layered with a cream cheese and apple filling and topped with caramelized apples.

“It’s like a caramel apple river running down two waffle mountains,” Brown said.

The Questionable:

Not Necessarily Diet Friendly

Although the items on the menu may be tasty, these are full flavor, full-calorie kind of plates. The fried chicken and waffle contains over 2,000 calories, the daily intake for the average American according to the FDA.

Thankfully, all the items on the menu are labeled with their corresponding number of calories, so those watching what they eat can make an informed decision.

The Price

Although the prices of the items vary greatly depending on what you order, the prices certainly reflect the fact that everything is made to order, with higher quality ingredients than a usual diner.

“The prices are about three to four dollars too much,” said sophomore Emily Bartlett, who also ate with us.

The portion of the plates, however, somewhat make up for the fact that they can be a little pricey. Bartlett was able to take home leftovers for another meal, and the rest of us were completely full.

The Bad:

Hard to Beat the Competition

As far as diner food in Macon goes, the name that probably comes to mind is Waffle House.

“The hash browns were pretty good, but I think I enjoy Waffle House a little more. The atmosphere feels closer to Sunday brunch with family than dinner,” Gracia said.

Overall, our group felt that the food was good, and the service was great, but Metro is fairly niche for an American diner. It does not compete price-wise with Waffle House, and the food is good, but nothing hit a home run.

That said, if you are looking for some classic American favorites with that signature diner hospitality, then Metro is a good choice.


Will 3/5

Peter 3.5/5

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