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Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023

How To Step Up Your Instagram Game

A student scrolls through Instagram.
A student scrolls through Instagram.

Instagram is home to snapshots of our favorite life moments. We try so hard to get that perfect angle, but sometimes we fall short on what we want our picture to look like. Here are five ways to step up your aesthetic on Instagram.

1. The Perfect Look

When you post to Instagram, you want to look your best. When planning your next post, pick an outfit that both resembles who you are as a person, but add something new. Make sure to accessorize, add a pop of color where you normally wouldn’t or try on that old top you bought but never wore. When it comes to fashion, Instagram is a great place to try out new looks and see how you feel about them. Also, you can show off your killer style to all your followers.

2. Setting

When you take a photo for Instagram, you want to be in a scenic location. Find a nice park bench or shady outdoor umbrella to sit under. These settings not only will give you nice lighting but they will also make your life look more like an adventure than it already is. Think about setting the next time you go someplace new. Having all your photos in the same location can get boring as your followers scroll through their feed. Changing up the location can urge you to try out new spots in your city as well as give a nice change of pace to your profile.

3. Take a Buddy

Selfies are fun, but sometimes you need to let your followers know that you are more than a head and shoulders. Next time you want to take photos for the ‘gram take a friend who can help you snap some full body shots. Having a friend come along will help you to discover new angles you haven’t been able to try before and give your Instagram some variety. Also, you and your buddy can bond over how cute you both look!

4. Follow the Light

Try and take photos under soft natural light. Avoid fluorescent lights if you can because they do nothing for your skin in a photo. Going outside will expose you to much better lighting and add a softer aesthetic to your Instagram. Everyone loves a good nature photo. If you are outside, the best time to take photos is at the golden hour, the time shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to glow.

5. Smile

Instagram is meant to be a fun and creative platform for you to show the world who you are and what is exciting about your life. It is not worth spending time making straight-faced, modelesque photos that aren’t going to make you happy. Your followers have come to your account to see you. So, smile for them!

Instagram is a great way to show off how creative you can be. Have fun taking photos of what matters to you and what makes you happy. Social media should be a tool for you to show your personality.

Gaining more followers is great but keep in mind that at the end of the day your profile is yours and you should find joy in what you post. Keep these tips in mind, and you will always have a perfect shot.


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