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Sunday, Dec 5, 2021

Movie Review: “How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” is a fitting end to a beloved series

When the first “How To Train Your Dragon” film burst onto the scene back in 2010, the world was really caught by surprise. Production company Dreamworks is no slouch when it comes to animation. With franchises like “Shrek,” “Madagascar” and “Kung Fu Panda” under their belt, no one thought that they would make a bad movie. At the same time, no one was prepared for just how good the “How To Train Your Dragon” series would be, and it has finally reached a conclusion almost a decade later.

“How To Train Your Dragon” is based on a children’s book series by author Cressida Cowell, which ran from 2003 to 2015. “How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” hit theaters on February 22nd, and this means audiences will have to say goodbye after one last glorious adventure.

In this latest installment, audiences will see Hiccup and his company of dragon-flying friends face off against a foe that might spell the end of his town of Burke. Meanwhile, Hiccup and Toothless hear rumors about a mysterious hidden world of dragons, and it just might be the key to their survival. But don’t worry, it is not just action and family-friendly feel-good scenes, it tugs at the heartstrings and is fitting for all ages.

“How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” is simply fantastic. The animation is some of Dreamworks’ best, the voice acting is perfectly done and the story has so much heart in it that it’s bursting at the seams. The story takes some unexpected turns, and the movie does a good job of really making the viewers feel for the characters.

A good animated movie will look good and tell a cohesive story, one that leaves a lasting impression on the audience and binds the entire trilogy together. A great one will appeal to all audiences and tackle some very real issues that hit close to home for many viewers, like the loss of a loved one, saying goodbye or moving on.

“How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” sets itself apart from other animated films by leaving those impressions combined with the story beats it addresses. It is not just a “feel-good” story- there are real consequences that the audience can relate to. Instead of just making the viewer feel better and relate to the characters, the movie does a fantastic job of describing the harsh realities of the trilogy, which is why this film just might be the best of the three.

It’s sad to say goodbye to the story of Hiccup and his friends. This last story is more than fitting for the characters, as it wraps up many of the storylines that have been going on over the last decade. Hiccup is a full grown man and village leader by the end of the film, and watching him grow up with his beloved Toothless was a wonderful payoff. The supporting cast isn’t just left in the dust either; there was a surprising amount of development and finality to all of the friends and family members in the film.

“How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” teaches viewers some valuable lessons, like learning to let go and learning what is important for everyone (not just oneself), and the payoff is so satisfying that it may even leave a tear in your eye. This is absolutely an installment that you cannot miss, so be sure to catch it while you can!


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