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Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023

You will Prank me later: Harmless April Fools tricks

For the annoyance category this prank requires a toothbrush, toothpaste, and food coloring to change the color of your victim's teeth.
For the annoyance category this prank requires a toothbrush, toothpaste, and food coloring to change the color of your victim's teeth.

As April approaches, it is time for pranksters to gear up for their favorite day of the year. April Fool’s Day is usually a day when people play tricks on unsuspecting family, friends and strangers. There are typically three categories that tricksters place their pranks in, including shock and awe, horror and annoyance.

Shock and Awe

The shock and awe category is for pranks that surprise the victim by doing the unexpected. The unexpected will catch the victim off guard like most pranks do, but will also have them laughing afterward.

These are different from pranks in the other categories because these types of pranks have zero to little consequences for the victim. These harmless pranks can be used on friends, family or strangers who may not be acquainted with the harsher kinds of pranks.

A great prank in this category is called, “The switch.” In this prank, the prankster would fill a clean and empty mayonnaise jar with something they enjoy eating that has a similar color and texture to mayonnaise. Yogurt would work for this prank.

Next, all the prankster would have to do was carry around the mayonnaise jar and get their victims to see them eating from the jar. This would shock those around them, because most people would find eating mayonnaise from a jar disgusting.


Pranks in the horror category can be used to scare victims. These creepy pranks will have the trickster laughing at the victim’s expense.

For the first prank, the prankster would need a cardboard toilet paper roll, scissors and a glow stick for supplies. The next task would require that the trickster cut two holes next to each other in the toilet paper roll so that it looks like the roll has eyes.

Once the eye holes are cut, the prankster would need to place the glow stick into the roll. The next step would be for the prankster to hide it somewhere in the victim’s room, so that they would be scared when they caught a glimpse of the roll.


The final category of annoyance contains the easiest and most common pranks. The prankster needs to remember that these pranks may leave their victim irritated, so proceed with caution.

The first prank requires food coloring and access to the victim’s toothpaste. All the trickster would have to do is put a drop of food coloring inside the tube of toothpaste, so the next time the victim brushes their teeth their mouth would be filled with food coloring.

Another harmless prank could be accomplished with one rubber band. To do this prank, the trickster would need to wrap a rubber band around the handle on the spray nozzle in a kitchen sink. This way when the victim turns on the water faucet the spray nozzle will spray the victim with water.

As the first of April comes closer, remember to stay aware of your surroundings by watching out for mischievous family, friends and strangers. If you are a prankster, then it is time to let loose and take advantage of these harmless pranks to have a little fun with those around you.


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