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Sunday, Mar 3, 2024
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Five things to do before you graduate from Mercer

Sliding down the Coleman Hill slides is a must before you graduate and leave Macon.
Sliding down the Coleman Hill slides is a must before you graduate and leave Macon.

Your cap and gown are ordered, degree audit signed and the days are ticking away until graduation. The end of spring semester is always a trying time for students and can be especially stressful for seniors.

It’s bittersweet as you prepare to move on to a new chapter of life, but have to say goodbye to your time at Mercer in the process. In these last few weeks before May 13, here are five things to do to make memories with friends and say goodbye to Macon.

Slide down the slides at Coleman Hill

If you haven’t done so already, sliding down the concrete slides located at Coleman Hill Park is a must before you leave Macon. The slides are located at the end of Bond Street. Make sure to take cardboard or a blanket to slide on. Bring some friends and even a picnic to enjoy as you look out over downtown Macon. This is a lighthearted way to enjoy time with your friends before parting your separate ways.

Ride the Bull

Another Macon must-do is riding the mechanical bull at The Crazy Bull, located downtown on Second Street. You’ll probably be there at some point before graduation, so why not give it a try? It might be embarrassing, but it will make for a fun memory and a good story.

Eat at Margs one last time

Between $1 tacos on Mondays and trivia on Wednesdays, Margaritas in Mercer Village is a Mercer staple. You’ve probably spent more money there over the years than you want to think about, but it’s a place we Mercer students take for granted.

The restaurant has seen you at your best, and at your worst - so pick a time to go and be conscious of it when you’re there. Take in the Mercer memorabilia, the delicious food and drinks and the friendly faces you’ve come to recognize over the years. No one will judge if you suddenly start crying over your chips and salsa. I promise.

Visit Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park

Formally known as the Ocmulgee National Monument, the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park is a great place to enjoy the sunshine while taking a study break. If you haven’t already visited the Indian mounds for the yearly celebration or as a class assignment, don’t worry. Now is a perfect time to go, as it was just officially designated as a national park. The park is located at 1207 Emery Hwy and is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Watch the sunset from the Mercer Landing Bridge

Macon has some pretty awesome sunsets that we’ve all seen while going from place to place, but have you ever enjoyed one in its entirety? Head up to the Mercer Landing Pedestrian Bridge one evening and camp out to watch as the sun sets over Mercer University Drive. It’s a perfect way to be in the moment and appreciate what’s around you.


We’ve been so focused on our future plans as seniors, that it can be hard to remember to slow down and enjoy the time we have left. Use this bucket list to make memories with friends and give your time as a Mercer Bear the proper closure it deserves.


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