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Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023
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How to stay fab on a budget in Macon

Tazeena Mandani looks at outfits with a friend.
Tazeena Mandani looks at outfits with a friend.

We all want to look our best, but being decked out in the hottest fashion trends can be expensive. You can look like a star without breaking your budget if you follow these five simple tips. 

Thrift shop 

One man's discarded yellow sweater is another man’s whole new look. Thrift stores are a good way to find hidden gems to spice up your look at a good price. Check out the local Goodwill and also Macon’s very own Wear. Wear offers cute clothes at an affordable price. For the month of September, they are offering a $2 T-shirt for every $5 purchase when you have your library card. 


Oftentimes it can feel like we’re wearing the same old, same old, but that can all be changed if you look at your clothes from a different point of view. Try accessorizing your outfits with different pieces. If you always wear your gold necklace with your red dress, try changing it up next time and wear a black hat or a set of bangles. Small changes can make a big difference. 

Buy smart brands 

Another key factor in making sure you can ball on a budget is buying brands that aren’t super expensive but still look good. This could mean dressing up the clothes you thrift or even the ones you get from places like Walmart and Burlington. What matters is how you make your look new and exciting, and less about where it comes from. 

Clothes swap 

Have you ever had one jacket you always see your friend wearing and you wish that you had it? Well, another way to spice up your fashion is by doing a clothes swap with your friends. Take items that you don’t like or don’t want anymore and disperse them among your friend group. This way each of you has new items without breaking the bank. 

Sell the pieces you never wear 

To make a little extra cash, simply get rid of your unwanted clothes. They would be a treasure to someone else, and then you can afford cooler and more suitable threads. So go through your closet and, in the words of Marie Kondo, if it does not “spark joy” toss it into the sell pile and make some extra cash. 


With these tips in mind, you can keep your style affordable while still looking like a million bucks. 


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