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Friday, Mar 24, 2023

Clusterscopes: It’s time to drive your ambitions home

Welcome to Clusterscopes, a biweekly tarotscopes column. I’ll pull a tarot card for each sign of the zodiac to help guide you through the next two weeks.

Remember, astrology goes deeper than your Sun sign — the one associated with your birthday. Each planet or major celestial body corresponds to a different aspect of life, and since certain areas of the sky are marked by each of the 12 zodiac signs, each planet sits “in” one sign, affecting how you relate to or act in that aspect. 

For example, in my chart, Mercury — which guides communication — is in the sign of Leo. Generally speaking that means I talk a lot, I write a lot and I want folks to listen (go figure). So while I’m a Virgo, and the Virgo tarotscope speaks broadly to my general experience, I’d also read the Leo tarotscope to understand how my communication might be affected specifically.

To decipher your astrological birth chart, text your mom for your exact birth time and place, and head over to a website like CafeAstrology to get the scoop.

Aries: Nine of Coins

The Nine of Coins appears after a period of struggle to signify that the rough patch is nearing its end. Whatever has been wearing you down lately, Aries, it’s on its way out, and it’s all thanks to you — your own actions and your own mindset. You identified what wasn’t working for you in the material world and devised a plan to counter it. Whether you foresaw a slip in grades and hit the library until you fixed them, or took on more hours at work after you realized you weren’t managing your finances well, your own determination and will brought you out of that negative space. Take credit for it; you’ve earned this.

Taurus: The Magician

Big things are brewing, Taurus; you just have to take advantage of the resources and tools around you so you can bring them to fruition. The Magician is a healer, a medicine man, an alchemist — someone who is in touch with his own ability to manifest his true desires. That energy surrounds you currently: what are you hoping to bring forth in your life? Make sure that whatever it is serves you on a deeper level and brings you fulfillment in a spiritual or personal sense. Don’t allow yourself to be motivated by money or power; there is something much more important to focus on right now.

Gemini: Seven of Swords

Something’s not right in your relationships right now, Gemini. Whether it’s your significant other, friend group, parents or anyone else, there’s a layer of deception or betrayal in your interactions. You may be the one keeping a secret or hiding something major, or someone else may be trying to pull one over on you. 

If you are withholding some of your truth, evaluate how much work you may have to put in to keep that secret. Is it worth it? If you sense something else has gone amiss in one of your interpersonal relationships, it’s time to hone in on your gut feeling. Listen to yourself! Don’t be afraid to confront someone who’s been shady. Geminis are very intuitive; don’t let someone get away with hurting you.

Cancer: Page of Wands

Pages represent a new energy or perspective on an ongoing situation, or a new way of trying to solve a problem you’ve been dealing with for a while. Pages in the suit of wands, then, refer to alternative paths to creative endeavors or spiritual growth through analyzing and using your abundant energy and potential. On a more negative side, there’s a chance that you’re in a rut right now, experiencing writers’ block or an inability to get motivated. If that resonates, Cancer, try looking for alternate ways of getting where you need to go; for example, asking someone you admire for their help or advice. What is meant for you will not pass you by, but only you can drive a dream to reality.

Leo: Five of Cups

Not to be too harsh on you, sweet Leo, but what’s holding you back right now is your own mental block. You’re dwelling on something, whether it’s a past or present situation, that you know you can’t change. It’s important to feel and process your emotions, yes, but Five of Cups represents a period of time when feeling is all you’re doing, and it’s taking the place of moving forward and focusing on where you want to go in the future. There’s an element of self-pity in this card, so if this resonates, consider how you can best let go of it. Understand that by wallowing, you’re only limiting yourself further.

Virgo: Ace of Swords

We love a good Ace card, and if you’re a Virgo, the swords suit probably speaks to areas of your life that are super important to you. The mental clarity that swords bring helps you focus on personal success and professional development. 

You’ve got a goal, a new idea and all the power necessary to succeed. Now, your only challenge is to make sure you plan out how best to execute. Don’t lose your motivation in worrying about the details, though. As a Virgo myself, I know how easy it can be to fall into mental traps agonizing over each and every step in your path. Realize that all that you need to succeed is already within you, and envision your future once you’ve started this journey.

Libra: The Lovers

Your season just ended, Libra, so you’re likely feeling refreshed. The Lovers refers not just to romantic relationships and partnerships — although, as we’re in the thick of Libra season, you may be finding these easier and a lot more fun right now — but dualities in general unifying. 

Some folks see The Lovers and automatically think it’s time to download Tinder, but keep in mind that the two figures depicted on the card can also refer to two parts within yourself. Self-love may come more naturally, and you may be figuring out who you are or beginning a period of greater self-acceptance. Alternately, maybe you’re feeling called to reconcile with someone you’ve had beef with in the past. Keep it light, keep it easy and remember that this Major Arcana card could signify something with a lasting impact. 

Scorpio: The Sun

The Sun is the most positive card in the deck! Scorpio season has just begun -- Oct. 23 to Nov. 22 -- and your natural ability to see the good side of life is enhanced. The Sun doesn’t necessarily promise that something amazing will come your way, but it does suggest that you’re feeling optimistic, and you’re not having too much trouble focusing on what’s going well. You’re identifying any negative thoughts for what they are and moving past them. Keep it up! You’re in your power.

Sagittarius: The Empress

In the traditional tarot, the imagery associated with The Empress is that of a pregnant woman in nature, attuning with the world around her and preparing to contribute to it. She is in tune with her surroundings and spiritually set to “birth” — but of course, this card doesn’t usually refer to an actual pregnancy. 

What it does mean, Sag, is that you find yourself in the perfect mental and physical space to “give birth to,” implement or share a creative project, personal accomplishment or new perspective you’ve unearthed with those around you. Often, this card refers to a personal rebranding or shift, and you understand that the people who are important to you will support and believe in you and your work.

Capricorn: Two of Swords

Decisions, decisions, decisions. What’s bothering you lately, Capricorn? You’re either struggling with two outcomes of a choice you could make, or you’re unsure how to proceed in a conflict between two folks you’re close with. This card often refers to someone trapped unwillingly in a mediator role. If it’s not your drama, Cap, you don’t need to force yourself to take part in it. You don’t owe anyone your wisdom, especially if they’re not receptive. And if it’s you that can’t decide what to do or who to side with, maybe the best action is inaction. You know who you are, what you need and where you’re going; don’t let anyone distract you from your vision.

Aquarius: Ten of Cups

This card symbolizes the blissful feeling of completion, luxury and pride in yourself after you’ve worked hard to bring something to fruition — and given that we’re dealing with Cups energy, it has to do with interpersonal relationships or your own mental state and self-image. Whether you changed something about your perspective or got back on good terms with someone you’d been distant from, you’ve taken the reins and resolved something that wasn’t serving you emotionally. In true Aquarius fashion, you saw a problem, you fixed it and you deserve to be proud of that. Take a break! 

Pisces: Page of Cups

Intuition is one of your gifts, Pisces, but don’t let your inner knowing get blocked by unprocessed emotional responses to what you encounter. The Page is a well-meaning, excitable figure who often brings a positive or enjoyable surprise. Sometimes, this card really does foreshadow something tangible coming your way or someone giving you a gift! But this card is also known to appear when you’ve been offered a new opportunity, especially a creative one. 

In a spiritual sense, you may be receiving more intuitive messages or feeling a strong drive to (re)connect with your spirituality in some way. No matter which it is, you need to stay open-minded. Go with the flow, see what happens and appreciate the good things. Don’t be afraid to let yourself feel and respond with feeling, but be sure to keep that in check, too. Don’t let it cloud your vision.


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