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Friday, Mar 24, 2023

Clusterscopes: Scorpio season promises rebirth, power and manifestation

Scorpio season is upon us! This water sign is deep, intuitive and unafraid to self-reflect, to dive into the complexities associated with personal transformation. When we’re due for a rebirth, Scorpio energy is what will force us to see it through. Inner power, emotional honesty and regeneration: that’s what this season has to offer us.

Communication master Mercury is retrograde, though, and has been since Oct. 31, meaning that unresolved aspects of our past are likely to re-emerge. We could also face obstacles when it comes to speaking our minds.

The tarot cards I drew this time were intense and sometimes foreboding, which is absolutely in line with this heavy Scorpio and Mercury retrograde energy. The majority were Major Arcana cards, promising true, long-term change; the fall of old power and the rise of new power. 

I used a new deck, Marble Moon Tarot, designed by Samantha West of Swamp Witch, LLC. These cards use gender-neutral language in their interpretation of the key figures in the traditional tarot. I’ll note what the correspondences are for the cards that have been updated.

Aries: Moon

What better tarot card to represent the shadowy nature of Scorpio season? Aries, while you are usually quick to act and share your thoughts, this card signifies a need for you to slow down over the next few weeks and look inwardly. There’s something you’re not being honest with yourself about, something with consequences. You need to resolve it before it overtakes you.

There may be something unresolved from your past that’s weighing you down. Don’t be caught off guard if you’re saddled with memories or urged to reconsider issues you’ve ignored; Mercury’s retrograde period is challenging like that. Either way, the Moon is also the card of mystery and of secrecy. Whatever you’re called to work on right now, it’ll be a solitary journey. Don’t share this with others.

Taurus: Hanged

Traditionally known as The Hanged Man, this is the card of self-sacrifice. The image is of an aerialist, hanging upside down. Hanged represents a need to find a new perspective or to become comfortable in your discomfort as you undergo an important, but perhaps painful, transition. Maybe you’re struggling to let something go that does not serve you. Take this as a sign that you really will be better off without it. Be sure, however, not to linger too long in this upside-down state as you contemplate. You risk losing sight of how the world truly is.

Gemini: Two of Wands

This card goes against all advice regarding Mercury’s retrograde period, Gemini, but that probably doesn’t scare you. The Two of Wands signifies the first tangible steps towards a new creative pursuit. In fact, you’re encouraged to think about establishing a new creative partnership. Notice I said “think about” — it’s not time to spring into action, it’s time to come up with a plan for progress that you can follow once you’re sure it’s foolproof. Because we’re dealing with the Twos, the plan on your mind likely concerns your long-term goals and a decision you have to make regarding the path you’ll take to get there. 

Cancer: Two of Cups

If you didn’t find love during Libra season, don’t worry! Now’s the time. It’ll be an intense one, though; no easy Libran flings here. The Two of Cups refers directly to the flow of love between people, to deep connections based on shared values, compassion and unconditional support. It doesn’t necessarily signify a romantic partnership, but it’s definitely possible. Otherwise, think of a business partner or other union with an emotional element. Y’all will have mutual respect for one another and a similar vision for the future. However, as we are in the thick of Mercury’s retrograde period, be wary of rushing into any long-term engagements.

Leo: Judgement

What have you been up to, Leo? And who did it serve? Judgement can call for a piercing look into your own actions so you can clean up any wrongdoing before the Universe does it for you. It’s a warning card, through and through. Know this: whatever has transpired is not only putting the folks on the receiving end at a disadvantage, but you’re getting in your own way, too. Being petty or catty limits you from connections that could help you achieve your goals. Alternatively, maybe you’re feeling that someone has wronged you; if that’s the case, take this card as a sign that they will get what’s coming to them soon. However, it’s not you that will deliver it. Let it go.

In a more literal sense, this card could indicate that you feel judgmental towards others, and you need to review why you’re being that way. Then, consider how it affects your perceptions. Feeling as though the entire world is beneath you or crossing you will only cause you to isolate yourself. Where can you start to cut others some slack and open your mind?

Virgo: Divine

This card is Marble Moon’s answer to The High Priestess in a traditional deck. The veil between the physical and the spiritual is particularly thin during both Scorpio season and Mercury’s retrograde period, and you may feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. Try to stay grounded by utilizing your intuition, which Divine suggests is very sharp right now, to discern what truly needs your attention and what emotions are really indicative of something deeper, as opposed to what’s superficial or reactionary.

West, designer of Marble Moon Tarot, says that Divine is also “a call to wait and see. The divine is comfortable in their seat, is patient, and this is a time for us to do the same. Things will come to light. This is not a time for outward energy, but time to look inward.”

Libra: Five of Cups

This is, unfortunately, not a very happy card, but it does imply that you’re creating the sadness for yourself. That means you can reverse the situation whenever you’re ready!

The Five of Cups usually turns up when something hasn’t gone as you’ve hoped or expected, and you’re feeling disappointed or (in typical Libran fashion) as though the failure is all your fault. This card also suggests an influx of old, not-so-positive memories, prompting self-victimization and an inability to take those unfortunate circumstances for what they are: behind you. If memories are what you’re dealing with, realize that the reason they’re cropping back up is to teach you a lesson. You can evaluate them, learn from them and become stronger than before. Don’t let that opportunity go.

In the last Clusterscopes, the Leos got this card, so you may want to seek the counsel of any Leos you’re close with for their advice on getting through this rough patch.

Scorpio: Authoritarian

This draw couldn’t be more fitting for Scorpios during this spooky season! Known as The Emperor in most decks, the Authoritarian represents power: the power to build, the power to create structure and the power to manifest. Now is a time for leadership. You’re offering intuitive advice to those who need it and engaging fearlessly in conflicts that concern your personal well-being. You’re not going to let anyone step on you or your loved ones right now.

You also trust your ability to draw boundaries. You can provide for or help someone else without neglecting your own needs. In the gendered tarot, the Emperor fulfills a fatherly archetype, so this card could also refer to a changing dynamic with a literal father figure or the sense that you’re inhabiting this position for someone close to you.

Sagittarius: Strength

There’s a chance that you haven’t been at your best lately, or, on the other hand, that you’re feeling remarkably powerful. Either way, this Major Arcana card represents internal strength to control our emotional responses so they don’t get out of hand, to build up our resilience to adversity and to exert control over aspects of our lives that previously made us feel insignificant. You’re seeing beyond social structures and getting to the heart of what’s important, and you’re confident about your next move. If you don’t feel that energy yet, this card urges you to think through what you’re experiencing right now so that you can embody your Strength.

Capricorn: Magician

The Magician is the master of manifestation, someone who holds all the tools they need to create a reality that aligns with their Highest Good. You know what you want, as a Capricorn, but you may be hesitating to make it happen or doubting your ability to do so. This card is a reminder of the resources at your disposal and the inherent power you have to use them appropriately. Whatever the challenge is, it’s no match for you. You can do it!

Aquarius: Sun

The Sun is the most positive card in the tarot! It indicates not necessarily that everything in your life is peachy, but that you’re able to see the good in everything right now and move forward with a sense of optimism. According to West, “the sun brings everything to light — good and bad. This is a time of true, radiant clarity. This often comes as our ‘aha!’ moment, when everything suddenly becomes clear. Take a moment to absorb all of the truth you’re seeing, and celebrate the good things.”

Pisces: Nine of Wands

Since the Eight of Wands refers to a period of anxiety, stress or unhappiness, the Nine is a step forward. The struggle will pass, and you will be stronger because of it. The gloom marked by the Eight is over, and you’re working to rebuild what was lost or what you started to doubt during that time. The Nine is the next part: you’re starting to recognize what you need to do to get back in a positive headspace, though you may not be there yet. Have faith in yourself and the world around you to restore balance.


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