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Thursday, Apr 18, 2024
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Clusterscopes: Long-awaited changes are coming (if you’re paying attention)

There’s a saying that the new year doesn’t really start until February. January is long, tumultuous and trying for many of us as we settle back into school and start establishing new routines and goals. By the start of February, though, we’ve generally gotten our footing. We’ve made it through test week, and this short month may offer some respite (well, at least until midterms).

The reading for this issue indicates that achieving the “new year, new me” mindset has been difficult for a lot of us. I pulled five Major Arcana cards and three cards from the Daggers suit, the most severe in the deck. If you’re one of the folks for whom transition was hard to come by in January, it’s probably coming to you now. What you do in the beginning of February is going to be important for laying your goals’ foundations and letting new habits take root for 2020.

Aries: Four of Daggers

In typical fire sign fashion, it looks like you started the semester with unbridled ambition and passion but may already be close to burning out as a result. Fours represent the period at which an idea or process takes root starts to stabilize. We’re dealing with Daggers here, which are associated with intellect and mindsets. This card in particular refers to “a call to rest, lay down arms, stop fighting,” according to Sam West, designer of the Marble Moon tarot deck. Altogether, it looks like you’ve simply gone too hard, and the way to get back on track is to rein your energy in a little. As I said in the last column, you don’t have to do it all at once.

Taurus: Justice

As you might guess, this card refers to fairness, truth and the law, as well as the restoration of balance and the existence of karma. It’s a complex card; you may need to be worried if you’ve been up to something you shouldn’t be doing, but if you’ve been focused, kind and working hard, this is a sign that good karma is headed your way and the fruits of your labor will be realized. If someone has wronged you, this is a good omen that they will get what is coming to them. Any imbalance, whichever side you’re on, will likely stabilize soon. Be as honest as possible right now.

Gemini: Ace of Daggers

January can be a hazy month. If you’ve had trouble cutting through the noise thus far this year, this is a sign of mental clarity coming your way. It’s a card associated with breakthroughs, new ideas and much-needed perspectives. Either you’ll figure out a long-standing and complicated issue at last, or you’ll channel your energy into a new project that could set you on the right path once and for all.

Cancer: Seven of Cups

Sevens are the first sign of completion in a cycle or process, and Cups represent emotions, intuition and relationships. Sometimes this combination suggests a setback, but if so, it will be one that redirects you intentionally and for good reason. In other words, you may be due for a reality check. Seven of Cups is associated with illusion and wishful thinking, with starting many projects but not seeing any of them through to completion. It’s time to stop just wanting change—it’s time to make it.

Leo: Hanged

We’ve talked about this card before in this column; it’s the card of self-sacrifice, of letting go. It’s the card of realizing that your efforts have been in vain and you are trying too hard to manifest something that, well, isn’t in the cards for you. Don’t think of it as giving up, though. Think of it as surrendering. If you don’t take your own pause to think, it will happen against your will. You know the saying that if you don’t choose a day to rest, your body will choose one for you? You can avoid that with this card. You know what isn’t working or isn’t bringing the results you expected. Let it go. Something new might be revealed. 

Virgo: Death

It sounds foreboding, but the Death card isn’t one you need to worry about. It’s actually one of the more empowering cards in the deck. Basically, it means that something is ending so something else can begin, and it’s often depicted as a phoenix rising from the ashes. Something that isn’t serving you will soon end, be it a relationship, mindset or job, but just because it isn’t valuable doesn’t mean its loss won’t hurt. The Death card reminds you that you don’t have control over what is ending, but sometimes, that’s for the best. What’s coming next will be worth so much more.

Libra: Temperance

Temperance is one of the Major Arcana cards often associated with the sign of Libra, along with Justice. This one is all about a restoration of balance, but not in the karmic sense that Justice refers to. Temperance is more of a personal balance; if you’ve had too much stress in your life lately, you’ll begin to find the peace you need, even if you have to start small. If one of your relationships is not a two-way street and you find yourself being taken for granted, you’ll be able to pull back from it and honor your own needs. It’s a positive message, but remember that none of this will happen for you. You must be an active participant if you want to experience the benefits. 

Scorpio: Seven of Wands

When the Seven of Wands appears in a reading, it usually suggests that someone envies the position you’re in. You’re working towards a goal, and someone around you is creating a competitive environment as you do it. There’s a chance that you’re antagonizing them, so you have a choice here: you can go about your business, or you can stir the pot. As a Scorpio, you probably have an initial desire to stir the pot, but slow down and think about what the point of that would be. You’ve got a goal to reach, and you’re already ahead. Would it really be worth it to spend your time in competition with someone when you don’t have to?

Sagittarius: Nine of Cups

Nines appear when a cycle or process has almost been completed. Because this is the suit of Cups, this probably refers to an emotional journey such as a relationship, either with someone else or with yourself (self-love). You have worked hard to get to this point, having navigated all the highs and lows and challenged yourself to leave your comfort zone. This is a very happy and positive card that celebrates your accomplishments and reminds you that there is not much resistance left until you reach your end goal. The Ten of Cups symbolizes abundance, intuition and joy — keep pushing, you’re almost there!

Capricorn: Five of Crystals

You just can’t seem to get a break, Capricorn. The Five of Crystals corresponds to the Five of Pentacles or Five of Coins, and suggests a setback when it comes to your material life. This typically represents poverty or a scarcity mindset, where you are either losing what you have accumulated in a literal sense or are so worried that you will that you’re missing out on the rest of your life. The sad part of this card is that what’s lost isn’t entirely your fault. Fives can be tricky cards in any suit, but remember the bright side: this is only the halfway point in your journey, and you can turn it around! It may time to strategize and ask for help. 

Aquarius: Tower

Remember when I said that the Death card symbolizes an ending, but not a bad one? Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Tower. It’s a dark message: the Tower is on fire, crumbling to the ground, and you’re faced with a choice. You can jump to safety or ride out the fall and hope you survive. What this often translates to is you know you’re in a bad situation (such as a job, class or relationship) but you’re hesitant to leave it. This card suggests that it’s going to end badly no matter what. Do you want to stay put and let it burn, or get out while you’re ahead?

Pisces: Ten of Daggers

Tens represent completion and ending; however, the Daggers correspond with Swords, the sharpest and most dangerous suit in the deck, so the ending here was most likely a painful or uncomfortable one. You know it needed to happen, but you may not know how to move forward from here. There’s also a chance it hasn’t happened yet, but it is inevitable. It’s likely that the ending is not one you want or deserve, but someone else’s doing. The positive side to this card is that you don’t have to hold onto a victim mindset. As an intuitive Pisces, you can step back and take the situation for what it is. This is Minor Arcana we’re talking about, so this isn’t a major loss or a life-shattering end. It’s something you can move on from—just a blip in the timeline.

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