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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024
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Review: “Locke & Key” is another hit for Netflix

Adapted from the comic series of the same name, “Locke & Key” focuses on the Locke family after the murder of husband and father Rendell Locke, when the family moves into their ancestral home, discovering family secrets that had been hidden for years.

The series focuses on the three Locke siblings, eldest son Tyler, middle daughter Kinsey and youngest child Bode. Their mother Nina chose to move them all to Matheson, where their late father had lived as a child before eventually leaving Key House. Soon after their arrival in Matheson, Bode meets a mysterious woman in a well, soon nicknamed “the Well Lady,” as he begins finding strange keys that can do odd things.

After something goes wrong when he uses a key, the Well Lady is released and revealed to be a dangerous person in search of the keys. The three siblings must protect the keys from her while finding out more about their family’s legacy, coping with their father’s murder and adjusting to a new town.

The main plotlines of the show are the strongest, focusing on the tense relationship with the Well Lady, the characters’ hunt for the keys and understanding the past surrounding both Key House and the Locke family. All three blend together excellently, affecting characters and events as the storylines progress. The high school subplots, however, can stray into cliches too often and don’t introduce anything new or interesting. Luckily, they gradually shift the focus away from them as the season progresses and more and more of the main plotlines begin to come together.

The characters all begin fitting a specific archetype, such as the moody daughter or energetic child, but are revealed to have much more depth to them. While the kids make their share of bad decisions, we understand their reasons why, even if we don’t agree with them. Along with those hidden depths, the show doesn’t shy away from showing the effects of their father’s murder, especially for Tyler and Kinsey.

One of the most focal themes of the show is dealing with trauma and grief, which is handled extraordinarily well. Tyler’s anger and Kinsey’s fear play a huge role in shaping their choices and actions throughout the season. “Locke & Key” doesn’t shy away from showing how loss can affect someone throughout their entire life, even while they encourage healing. Rendell Locke’s death impacts every sense of his family’s life, but other characters’ deaths in the past continue to impact other characters to the present day.

With many twists and turns, intriguing characters, a compelling plot and stellar exploration of themes, “Locke & Key” should be your next Netflix binge watch. While season two is unconfirmed, the writer’s room is already working on continuing the Locke’s adventures in the Key House.

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