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Thursday, Apr 18, 2024
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How to stay busy during a quarantine

With the spread of COVID-19 and everyone spending almost all of their time indoors, it’s important to still keep the same pace that we did when we weren’t in quarantine. Here are some tips on how to keep yourself busy and focused during the quarantine.

Make a schedule or to-do list

This may work for some, but not all. I really enjoy making to-do lists for myself, and you can make them for various things! They hold me accountable. If you have an assignment due, write it down. If you have a show you want to watch, write it down. Even the little things that seem almost unnecessary. There’s such a great feeling of making small accomplishments, and being able to check off everything you did throughout the day is extremely satisfying. If you write it down in a schedule or list of some sort, you’re more likely to get it done!

Work out 

I’m not a super athletic person, but if you’re like me, still try this out. No one really knows how long everything that’s going on is going to last, so it’s important to stay healthy for the time being! Whether you’re doing some push-ups and sit-ups in your room or running on a treadmill in your apartment building, the opportunities are endless. There are lots of YouTube videos and apps to help you get started!


There’s nothing better than staying busy with some literature. Over the years I’ve noticed that I do actually read a lot, and I read a wide variety of things. I typically read blog posts, memoirs, novels and lots of poetry. A lot of my friends and family read fanfiction, which is another outlet for reading. For my non-readers, audiobooks are definitely a go-to! The two books I’m currently reading are: “All About Love” by bell hooks, and “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Relax, but in moderation

With all the time we have on our hands, what better way to spend it than simply relaxing? Catch up on a show, lie down and think, or even just sleep. We have all worked extremely hard this semester thus far, so take some time to truly check out for a little. Just don’t get too crazy. 

Let the light in, and abolish the dark

I mean this literally and figuratively. Open a window, cut your lights on. Never mope in the darkness. Such a small thing as light can make a drastic change to your day. Simply get up, open your blinds or curtains and lift your window. Natural light and air bring good things, trust. Once you let the light in and cast away the darkness you’ll see just how much you can do during this difficult time. 

While everyone has their own tactics for doing things, these are my own. There’s no shame in not following everything directly, but definitely take these tips to account. You never know just how much you’ll get done!

Chance Allen

Chance Allen ‘22 is a journalism student at Mercer who has been working for The Cluster under various roles for the past three years. Allen is a multi-hyphenate but works primarily with photo and writing. He has been working with NBC Entertainment for the entirety of this year and since becoming a journalism student he has received multiple honors and awards from the Georgia Collegiate Press Association as well as DASHBOARD. Allen spends his free time writing, creating, and being.

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