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Thursday, Apr 18, 2024
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Wear your mask, but make it fashion

A student wears her mask.
A student wears her mask.

The novel coronavirus has made an unlikely accessory a normal part of our everyday lives: masks. They are being worn in all sizes, fabrics and colors, and many people have taken the opportunity to express themselves in a new, novel way. 

While a mask is technically an accessory, it’s also a necessity. Masks are important to lower the risk of contracting COVID-19. Learning to make a mask comfortable and fashionable is a must during this time.

There are different types of masks that are effective such as an N95, which should be reserved for health professionals, a three-layer surgical mask and homemade cotton masks. Finding a mask that works best for you is the first step in making a mask a real part of an outfit. Here are three tips to make sure your mask will never disappoint in keeping you safe and trendy. 

Make it Comfy

Being comfortable in a mask is imperative. A basic tip to making a mask comfortable is, first, making sure it’s being worn correctly. The mask should cover your nose, mouth and chin. It should never be worn as a chin piece or an earpiece to ensure optimal protection. 

Make it Match

Next, as one should with any outfit accessory, the mask should match or coordinate with the outfit. So it would be helpful to keep at least one mask in each staple color: black, white, nude and grey. 

Make it Fashion

After the basics are covered, some trendsetters have added their own flair, bringing the mask and outfit coordination together. Some people even wear two masks; one to do the job of protecting and one over the other for style. I’d recommend finding a mask that is effective in protecting you. In this case cloth masks are ideal because they can protect the wearer and come in many different designs to match your personal style.

All in all, if your mask of choice is effective in keeping the coronavirus away, all is good, but it’s also nice to make it fun and fashionable with any outfit, just as you would with other accessories. 

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