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Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

Four ways to keep proper etiquette on Zoom

With COVID-19 affecting students’ day-to-day lifestyle, many are obligated to continue their learning over Zoom. Beyond using Zoom for classes, the video communications site is also used for interviews, meetings and other virtual gatherings. An important thing to remember when using Zoom is to maintain the same formalities that regularly occur in person. Here are four ways to keep proper etiquette on your Zoom calls.

Wear something presentable

Now, I’m not saying to wear your best suit and tie, nor am I saying to wear the most flattering dress you have. My tip is this: keep things consistent for the various events you have to attend. If you are attending class, put on your favorite tee. If you’re in an interview, wear a nice collared shirt. Don’t overdress, but never be underdressed.

Seclude yourself and avoid background noise

Whether you are at home or just in your dorm room, sometimes things can get a little loud. Make sure you’re in a space that allows you to hear everything clearly so that there are no distractions during the Zoom call. 

Be intentional about your background

A lot of times your background can be very distracting. If you’re in a place with a distracting background, make sure to set your background with an image. Simply search for a photo of a living room or bedroom, save it to your computer and make it your background!

Pay attention

It’s incredibly important that you pay attention as well. Though it can be difficult to focus on online classes, you should apply yourself as best as possible. Give your all, and the results will follow.

With the proper etiquette, you can almost romanticize your Zoom experience and make it feel as though you are taking your courses in person!



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