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Saturday, Jun 22, 2024
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A highlight of Mercer’s shoe culture

Obehi Onabanjo poses for a portrait in downtown Macon wearing her Mx Rock Yeezy 350s.

It’s evident when walking around campus that Mercer University students have a wide range of unique styles, especially specific styles in the world of shoe and sneaker culture.

For many people, personal style and shoe choice is a way to outwardly showcase personality and passion. It allows for a passing stranger to catch a glimpse of who someone is without the exchange of conversation.

“I kinda just focus more on individuality when it comes to my style and my shoes,” sophomore Obehi Onabanjo said. “It’s a big part of my style for sure.”

Avery Towns poses for a portrait wearing ALDOs.

Onabanjo says that her shoes are mostly athletic and streetwear, depending on the new shoes that drop and what she’s interested in. 

“It kinda gives me the chance to express myself and how I’m feeling throughout the day," junior Avery Towns said. "Everything I wear is kinda based on what shoes I have on that day. It depends on the occasion."

The type of footwear that he sports, Towns said, depends on the occasion and his attitude.

"Like I might pull out dress shoes, I might pull out sneakers," he said. "It kinda just depends on how I feel right then and there.” 

Joshua Bishop wears his Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Iridescent Outline’ shoes.

“Each person has their own type of shoes that they’re gonna wear, and each person is gonna be different,” freshman Joshua Bishop said. “I think for me, shoe wear makes my whole style because I like to wear extravagant shoes or limited edition; shoes that many people don’t wear so I think it’s interesting to kinda play off of that.” 


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