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Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023
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Grubhub now accepting Bear Bucks

If you are looking for an affordable way to order some food from off-campus or you need some ways to use up leftover Bear Bucks funds, Grubhub recently announced that they will accept the currency for orders and delivery. 

This is certainly welcome news for students who have unused Bear Bucks, love eating takeout, or want to get food conveniently delivered to their dorm or apartment. 

The official promotion sent out to students on Monday stated that your Bear Bucks balance “can be used to conveniently get your favorite off-campus restaurants delivered, contact-free.” 

Additionally, students also gain access to Grubhub Plus, which includes unlimited free delivery for orders that are 12 dollars or more from a Grubhub Plus approved restaurant. 

“Our research has shown that students are already using this service across all of our campus locations in Georgia,” Ken Boyer, Associate Vice President and Director of Auxiliary Services, said. “The affiliation with Grubhub allows students to take advantage of the Grubhub plus program at no additional cost when they link their Bear Bucks account in the app.”

According to their website, Grubhub Plus is $9.99 per month for regular customers, so not only would students save on food and deliveries, they would save around 10 dollars a month purely for the service itself.

To take advantage of this offer, you need to download the GrubHub app and indicate your status as a student of Mercer as well as register your Bear Card with the app. 

Additionally, small coupons for $10 off your first order of $12 or more can be found in popular locations around campus, including the mailroom. The coupons not only offer a coupon code but also allow you to scan directly to access instructions to set up Bear Bucks with your grub hub account.

This collaboration with GrubHub should make grabbing food or takeout more accessible for students, especially those without a car or who have bear bucks they need to use before they expire..

Boyer said that the service is optional with no monthly fee, which offers exclusive perks for Mercer’s campus.  

“If you are already using a delivery service this may help save you some money and if you haven’t used a delivery service in the past because you thought it was too expensive, now maybe is the time to take another look,” Boyer said.

Delivery services have certainly soared in popularity during the pandemic, and this deal is another way that students can have safe and contactless delivery at an affordable price range. 

This collaboration is making delivery safer and providing better ways for food accessibility both on and off-campus, and students are encouraged to look into the options provided by GrubHub and auxiliary services.


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