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Monday, May 27, 2024
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Mercer continues its prestigious Special Considerations Programs for law, medicine, business

Mercer pre-medical SCP Student Grace Taylor (middle) speaks with Mercer SCP medical students Aditi Dave (right) and Anish Sutaria (left) in the Mercer Medical School.
Mercer pre-medical SCP Student Grace Taylor (middle) speaks with Mercer SCP medical students Aditi Dave (right) and Anish Sutaria (left) in the Mercer Medical School.

As Mercer progresses on to the end of another semester preparing for the next school year, prospective Bears are encouraged to apply to the Special Considerations Programs, or SCP, for Law, Medicine and Business to help with future career success. 

These programs allow students to get a better chance of admission to graduate or professional school and in some cases, the chance to accelerate and start their careers early. Ahead of college commitment time, here are some important things to know about Mercer's SCP programs.


The Accelerated Special Consideration Program for Law allows students to achieve their undergraduate and law degrees in six years rather than the traditional seven years. The program is offered to prospective students joining Mercer’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) and the Stetson School of Business (SSB).

Through this program, students study for three years as full-time undergraduate students while using law school courses to meet their required undergraduate credits. The students will then receive their bachelor’s degrees after successfully completing their first year of law school.

SCP Medicine

Along with the pre-law special considerations program comes the special considerations program for medicine, as Mercer University’s School of Medicine offers a Special Consideration Program for its Doctor of Medicine degree. This program works through a partnership between the medical school partners and the traditional undergraduate colleges on the Macon campus.

The Mercer School of Medicine reviews SCP applications from high school seniors and interviews a subset of them only selecting 18 each year.  If these students retain eligibility, they can skip the interview after they apply to medical school.  

Mercer students who complete the Special Considerations Program must go to Mercer Medicine for their medical degree after receiving their bachelor’s degree from Mercer as well.

SCP Business

Finally, Mercer’s Stetson-Hatcher School of Business has a Special Consideration Program available for business students as well. The program helps students transition seamlessly into graduate business degrees after graduating from Mercer’s undergraduate colleges.

Qualified students admitted through the Business Special Consideration Program are eligible for a 30% tuition discount and a waiver of the GMAT exam requirement. 

The program may be eligible for students obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA) or a Business Minor at Mercer University within two years of receiving their Bachelor’s degree.

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