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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Bear Bites: Metropolis

Let me be frank: Indian cuisine is not in my gustatory wheelhouse. I come from a poor, white Southern family that fries anything that can be floured and cooks nearly every vegetable with pork. But, as with my love of sushi, my parents’ taste will not indefinitely define my own.

I’ve had Indian food before here in Macon, but I found it to overwhelm my tastebuds with unfamiliar spices and complex tastes. Perhaps I wasn’t fair in my first assessment.

So, the Bear Bites crew found ourselves at Metropolis Curry & Kabob at 2460 Riverside Drive to sample Indian, Greek and Mediterranean food.


Mushroom Korma: One thing I am a fan of is mushrooms. I put them on pizza, fry them and consume them in any manner possible. This mushroom curry was thick and the sizeable cuts of mushroom were fluffy. Cooked with onions and tomatoes, the spices came on and comfortably tapered off smoothly with each bite. Atop basmati rice, I could have eaten a few platefuls.

Aloo Tikki: Oh, these potato patties were wonderful. They were half-dollar sized and lightly breaded and spiced. They reminded me of caked hash browns. I got several helpings, and Justin did as well.

Chicken curry: Despite my previous misgivings, I do enjoy curry. I prefer Japanese, but the chicken curry at Metropolis was delicious. The chicken was tender, and the gravy base wasn’t too thick or runny. The dishes’ spices had been toned down for Macon’s tastes. Nonetheless, it was delicious.


Small buffet: While the buffet was only $7.99, there was little variety in the offered dishes. I wish I could have tried more items.

Gyros: From the buffet, Gyros are offered by the halves. They weren’t bad, but there was something missing. The meat layers were thin. There wasn’t enough tzatziki sauce, and there weren’t any tomatoes.

BAD: Nothing was bad.

If you’re looking for an introduction to Indian cuisine with helpful and attentive service, or you’re a hardened veteran looking for a good meal close to campus, Metropolis Curry and Kabob is your place.


NICK 3.5/5



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