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Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021

Grad school fair held in Heritage Hall

Last Thursday, approximately 85 graduate schools gathered in Heritage Hall for the Graduate School Fair 2013, hosted by Mercer University’s Career Services. Some of the schools that were represented included the University of Georgia, Florida A&M University, and even Mercer’s own Stetson School of Business and Economics.

The event was open to any student interested in furthering an education beyond the undergraduate years. Most of the schools there could be grouped into three categories: law, business and engineering. There were exceptions to the rule, though.

Goodies were available for the students who attended, such as cups, sticky notes and pens. At the table for Becker Professional Education, there was even a chance to apply for a $3,000 scholarship to be used for undergraduate or graduate studies.

A survey of several different schools yielded varying responses about the need to take the Graduate Record Examination or the Graduate Management Admissions Test, as well as the standard GPA for admissions. There was roughly a half and half ratio on the need for a GRE/GMAT score, and the scores for those tests were unlisted.

The average GPA required was between a 2.5 and a 3.0, but a low GPA shouldn’t get an applicant down. The representative from Brenau told of one applicant who had a GPA lower than their standard limit.

However, the applicant included his story with his application, and since it was so intriguing, the dean approved his admission into the college. The Career Services website has a page dedicated to helping students learn about graduate school, and to figure out if it’s right for them.

According to the page, a student should go to graduate school if “you have a clear sense of the career you want to pursue, and if an advanced degree is the ticket to entry into that field.” On the other hand, graduate school is not right if “you are doing it to postpone the inevitable job search.”

Graduate school could also be right for someone years after they have left undergraduate school, and could be used to “progress up the the corporate ladder,” according to the website.Occasionally, such a degree renders the holder overqualified and leaves the person struggling to find a job.

The website also has links for the prospective student to find graduate schools, as well as links to find financial aid for the school. A schedule is provided for those looking to continue their education, so that they can stay on track with the search.

Other helpful features of the page include a general basis of what schools are looking for in a potential candidate, and what particular types of financial aid are available.

Any who are interested in attending graduate school should contact the office of Career Services in order to get help with their applications and resumes. The office is located on the third floor of the Connell Student Center, and an appointment can be scheduled by calling 478-301-2863.


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