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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Graduate School Fair gives students options

Mercer’s department of Career Services held another graduate school fair for Mercer students both young and old on Friday, Oct. 21 in the University Center Atrium.
Over 80 institutions were in attendance for all Mercerians to receive information on what comes after their four years at Mercer. This is just another tool that the Office of Career Services, headed by Steve Brown, has used to boost the average Mercer student’s knowledge on things after undergraduate school.
The Office of Career Services have hosted several lectures and seminars, but this graduate school fair was a large event to boost the entire campus as opposed to smaller niches.
Delta Sigma Pi members were on hand to check students in, asking them to swipe their Bear Cards in order to track how many and which students were attending events.
By keeping track of these numbers, the Office of Career Services can better plan and tool events more directed to what people want. This was in conjunction with surveys that every attendee was asked to complete.
Senior business student and Delta Sigma Pi member, Brittany Vorreiter, helped staff the event during the noon hour.
When asked what she thought about the fair, Vorreiter said that “graduate school fairs are a way for Mercer students to connect to life after Mercer. Speaking as an upperclassman, we’re always looking for opportunities and options after graduation.”
Vorreiter used her time well to explore the booths and presentations at the various tables both before and after the time she spent assisting other Mercer students.
Senior Megan Beardsley is an example of a student with a very good résumé, having had opportunities for internships and real work experience in her desired field.
Beardsley used the time to look at schools and get a feel for where she was headed.
“I used the time to get a better look at schools I’m interested in and meet some admissions individuals,” said Beardsley.
She had a clear focus going into the fair, and the event did nothing but help her further her future goals.
Libby Allen, the head of admissions for McAfee School of Theology at Mercer Atlanta, was on hand to speak with Mercer students who felt the call to work in ministry.
Allen was very excited to put names with faces, which is something that always helps individuals in her position of admitting students to post-undergraduate education. She felt that Mercer did a great job with planning out what was one of the better grad school fairs she admitted attending.
Allen said “it was planned very well, mainly due to the groupings of types of schools. Similar schools are nearby each other, allowing prospective students to get a look at each one in that field who came.”
wwThis was something that helped broaden students’ horizons.
All in all, the grad school fair was very successful, and it just showed how much Mercerians care about future education.


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