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Friday, Oct 22, 2021

Hick-Hop comes to Macon next month

Country rap group, The Lacs, will be performing in Macon on Dec. 8.
Country rap group, The Lacs, will be performing in Macon on Dec. 8.

The Lacs, also known as artist Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe and “Rooster” King, lead vocalist and guitarist, will be in town on Dec. 8 at 7 p.m. to have a concert hosted by The Hargray Theatre. The Hargray Capitol Theatre, located on 382 2nd St, is known throughout Macon for offering a place for music and entertainment.

The Hargray Capitol Theatre typically offers an arrangement of different performers with different styles, such as country or jazz, but this year the theatre will be hosting artists with a distinct style. The Lacs, which stands for “loud ass crackers,” will be continuing their “Deplorables Tour” by performing their unusual style of music to the citizens of Macon.

Their style of music is country rap, often referred to as hick-hop, which is a blending of country tunes and hip-hop rapping. Originally from Baxley, Ga., The Lacs have returned to play their music for their fans in their home state.

According to The Lacs’ website, it was roughly 20 years ago when The Lacs first started making beats and coming up with rhymes. As time went on and they began performing, their crowds grew and they were able to perform at bigger and bigger venues.

As their fan base grew, The Lacs started to perform more and more and realized that just because they were more popular now did not mean that they would stop performing from where they grew up.

According to The Lacs’ website, “the soul of The Lacs is right where it’s always been, front and center in their music, infused by pride in their country, love for their family, an inclination toward rowdy celebration and an unexpected tenderness when it comes to the ladies in their lives.”

The website also states that the only different thing The Lacs are doing is improving their music by using their situations and those around them. If anything, The Lacs are trying to stay true to who they are and where they came from in order to better their musical style.

It seems that The Lacs only want to share their unique view of their pasts as well as where they see themselves going in the future. They refuse to let go of their identities and have continued to spread their perspective through music on their tour throughout all of the United States.

Tickets are available through the Hargray Capitol Theatre website as well as through The Lacs’ website.


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