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Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

Mercer Artist: Brittany Wiggins

Brittany Wiggins is a double major in creative writing and English whose passion
is to write poetry.
Brittany Wiggins is a double major in creative writing and English whose passion is to write poetry.

Brittany Wiggins’ most vivid memory of placing pen to paper is at age 11. Writing poetry is something she has done for as long as she can remember.

“It brings me clarity,” the Mercer sophomore said.

Wiggins said that writing often reveals something to her.

Sometimes it is a new thought. Other times, it is a new perspective she did not know she had.

Lately, the poet is writing about love and loss of love.

Wiggins said that her writing style is real because she pulls inspiration from her life and the people around her.

“They relate to my poetry,” Wiggins said about her readers.

There is a shared experience with her and her readers, she said.

Wiggins associates the realism in her writings to her commitment to honesty.

“I value a high level of honesty,” she said. “I’m a very blunt person.”

As a double major in creative writing and English, Wiggins aspires to become a college professor.

She realized in high school that she wanted to work all the way through to her Ph.D.

As a dual enrolled student in both high school and college, Wiggins was able to take university level courses to focus on her writing.

In her college classrooms, her instructors inspired her to become a future educator herself.

Wiggins said that seeing her professors’ accomplishments in writing made her confident and proud as a developing wordsmith.

As she works to achieve her educational goals, Wiggins also writes for herself.

“My coping mechanism is writing,” she said.

Even in her childhood, Wiggins turned to writing and poetry to sort through life’s problems.

With pen and paper, she puts things into existence and frees her mind of any clutter or fog.

“You are pulling something out of nothing,” Wiggins said.

She finds art in writing by pointing out the same creative process that is shared among all art forms.

Wiggins said that young writers should try all styles of writing and push themselves to experience types of writing they are not comfortable with.

She advocates for people to explore all various mediums and genres, but to always be honest.

“No one wants you to sugar coat your writing about your life,” Wiggins said.


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