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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

New options for meal exchanges at on-campus dining locations

If you’ve been using your meal exchanges at Einstein's or Which Wich, you may have noticed some changes.

Thanks to the communication between SGA and the on-campus dining locations, the options for meal exchanges have expanded.

Adam Penland, sophomore class president, said the communication for change between the two groups is an easy one.

“We’ve had a lot of success just talking to them,” he said. “Honestly sometimes it might take a month or two to get things done, but if we’re able to have a conversation with them, then most of the time they’re able to deliver on what we ask for.”

Options for a meal exchange at Einstein’s Bagels now include a drink with a pizza bagel, a “Bagel dog” or a classic egg sandwich with chips.  

These options were added to the previous list of a drink with a bagel with shmear or a deli sandwich with chips.

The new options for Which Wich include chips and drink with a “Lettucewich” or a spinach wrap, and a salad with a drink.

The three new exchanges join the option of a seven inch sandwich with chips and drink.

Penland also said that there is also a new addition at Panda Express, even though it is not listed.

"[At Panda Express], you can now get a plate with two meal swipes.”

Greer Weed, a sophomore, said she is thankful for the new changes.

“I have been a vegetarian for 9 years, [and] coming into college as a freshmen, I didn’t know what to expect when it came to what I would eat,” she said. “The new options for meal swipes give you extra options outside of the farm and caf when there isn't something on the menu that sounds good that day or suits your dietary needs.”

Weed said she hopes that even more changes will be made to the on-campus dining options in the future, starting with the menu for the Fresh Food Company.

“A lot of students on campus have different dietary needs and the farm does a good job of having their menu posted outside, so before you use a meal swipe you know if there is something there you want to or can eat. The caf, on the other hand, does not,” she said.

Although the menu for the Fresh Food Company can be accessed through the Mercer Mobile app or online, Weed said it is inaccurate.

“[The] menu online shows at least five vegan or vegetarian options everyday, but when I go into eat that option is not available,” she said. Now that I am a sophomore and have moved down a meal plan, it is especially frustrating.”

Weed said she is ready to see how SGA will work to help implement more changes in the future.  

“I think SGA has done a great job getting more options from the restaurants on campus and students are super grateful, but I think there is more work to be done especially when we are spending so much money,” she said. “I think the next step should be improving the Caf with accurate menus and healthier vegan and vegetarian.”


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