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Saturday, Sep 25, 2021

NPHC holds unity week

The National Pan-Hellenic Conference (NPHC) at Mercer held their annual NPHC unity week Sept. 12-16 to raise awareness about their initiatives on campus.
NPHC is an organization comprised of the Divine Nine fraternities and sororities, five of which are represented at Mercer University.
Shedrick Martin, president of the Mercer NPHC chapter, references the creation of NPHC as a way to provide unity between all of the organizations and to create ways that would allow each organization to be involved and work as a collective unit.
The purpose of unity week was to give Mercer students the opportunity to gain more information about NPHC organizations and their membership intake processes.
Vice President of Mercer NPHC, Morgan Ashley, states that the NPHC still has the same goals of brotherhood, sisterhood, scholarship and service as Pan-Hellenic and Interfraternity Council. However, NPHC does not rush.
The week also served to show the unity established among the representative fraternities and sororities within the NPHC council at Mercer.
“Each day is hosted by a different organization, but each organization has its part in making the program work, function and run smoothly,” said Martin.
The week’s events featured: Why We Don’t Rush, NPHC mixer, game night, field day and a step show.
The step show was the highlight of the week, being the event that most Mercer students look forward to. “The step show is something that we always put on, and what we are specifically known for,” said Ashley.
Last year, each organization did their individual program during the week. “It was not as if
NPHC as a whole did a program each day. So now it shows a little more cohesiveness,” said Martin.
Favored events in previous years have included Why We Don’t Rush, an annual step show competition and a Greek skit. Listing the skit among his favorite activities, Martin says, “It was just a way to show that Mercer Greeks can come together, and the stereotypes that you believe are not always true.”
In past years, Martin admits that the NPHC was disorganized, but hopes to change that during his term as president. Martin has restructured the council and the way it runs. “We have created a strict judicial system, more organized paperwork, membership intake system and a more efficient way of managing the organizations by the council itself,” said Martin.
Ashley suggests promoting philanthropic issues such as cancer awareness to install the changes NPHC wishes to make this year.
The NPHC gathered a large group to participate in Be a Good Neighbear on Saturday to take part in volunteering initiatives.
Martin hoped that this week would allow other Greek organizations to view their presence on campus.
“As a small community, it shows that we can have a presence on this campus and get everyone involved. We can get out and have fun and do something positive at and around Mercer. This shows that it is not all fun and games; we do give back. We do have the opportunity to give of ourselves, besides putting on a show,” said Martin.


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