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Sunday, Sep 26, 2021

SGA has another successful Taste of Macon

On Friday, April 12, SGA
executed its annual Taste of
Macon in the outfi eld of Mercer
baseball’s weekend series
against Florida Gulf Coast.
It did not take long for a
crowd to show up and get
in line for this event. While
students awaited their chance
to acquire a plate of local
delicacies, Mercer’s baseball
team began its game at
Claude Smith Field.
Students got to watch the
baseball team win their game
while enjoying a little treat to
There were more than
twenty different restaurants
participating in this event
and showcasing what they
have to offer at their loca establishments.
The restaurants ranged from
fast food to gourmet options.
The list of restaurants included
Mercer Village’s Margaritas,
Jittery Joe’s, Fountain of
Juice, Ingleside Pizza, and
Francar’s Buffalo Wings.
Some other restaurants from
the area were Dolce Vita Pizzeria
and Cafe, Bear’s Den,
Bearfoot Tavern, Greek
Corner Deli, McAlister’s
Deli, Moe’s Southwest Grill,
Doughboy’s Pizza, Molly’s
Cafe, Nu Way Weiners, Out
2 Lunch, The Backburner,
Tic Toc Room, and Buffalo’s
The food included chips and
salsa, hotdogs, sandwiches,
chicken fi ngers, cookies,
brownies, and drinks. But
there was so much more than
that at Taste of Macon.
Most of these restaurants
reside in the College Hill
Corridor, which includes a
two-mile radius between the
university and the downtown
area. The restaurants offer
options that are better than
what can be found on campus
and are often cheaper,
with discounts. The corridor
offers not only these restaurants,
but historical features
as well.
The Student Government
Association organized this
event for Mercer’s students
to enjoy. Vice President
Joshua Lovett says that Taste
of Macon was created by the
Student Government Association
and has been going on
for about four or fi ve years.
The goal is to try to do
this once a semester. It takes
about one month to organize
the event and to get all
the vendors who will bring
food. Lovette said, “The
idea is to expose students to
more places and experiences
in Macon. The vast majority
of these restaurants offer
discounts to students.” They
want students to integrate
into Macon community more
because there really is a lot to
do here.
Taste of Macon just shows
a part of what Macon has to
offer and food is great way to
do that. A “taste of Macon”
shows that there are more
places to go to than students
might think.
Lovett said that it shows students
other options than the
Fresh Food Company and the
University Center that they
can go to when these options
are closed. Macon is full of
many things and offers a variety
of opportunities for students
and to take advantage
of them, especially historical
and cultural events.
Lovett notes that the Macon
Connections Chair of
the Student Government Association,
Jeremy Reardon,
was essential to making this
event come together. His position
encourages students
to become more involved in
the Macon community while
establishing connections
benefi cial to students. Taste
of Macon is an event that
allows the Student Government
Association to do that
for Mercer’s students.


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