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Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021

Ty Dolla $ign continues to impress with “Beach House 3”

There are a few artists that I vividly remember the first time I formally recognized their music. Freshman year, in my Sherwood Hall dorm, I was introduced to the artistry of Ty Dolla $ign.

The first song my friend introduced me to was “Solid” off his debut album “Free TC.” What drew me in was his style, flow and his ability to combine a variety of topics with quality soundtracks.

“Free TC” has become one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s an album that I could play all the way through and enjoy every single song.

Rightfully so, the anticipation behind his second studio album was very high. His continued involvement in popular songs such as, “”Blase”, “Or Nah” and “Campaign,”  kept his name in the public eye, but I was interested in his personal projects.

Ty Dolla $ign, Tyrone William Griffin Jr., is more than a singer, R&B artist or rapper. He is a musician that manages to not only produce but perform songs that show true musical understanding and superior talent.

Although “Free TC” is still my favorite album from Griffin, “Beach House 3” did not disappoint. After he released singles like “Ex,” “Love U Better” and “Message in a Bottle,” it was apparent this album would have a more melancholic tone.

Since I’ve been following Griffin, his popularity has grown and he has become a regular face in pop culture. It is fitting that the first song on his album is “Famous.” He discusses how it is a dream of everyone’s to be famous but many aspiring celebrities will stray away from their true selves for stardom.

Lyrics like: “Everybody wants to be famous, Anyway, anyhow. They ain’t worried ‘bout who they’re stepping on though,” explains the sentiment Griffin is trying to convey. He has maintained the same image throughout his career growth, which has earned my respect for him as a person.

Griffins album is circled around his experience in his growing fame. He mixes between songs that showcase his ability to sing as well as songs that focus on his rapping skills. Giffin also included a wide variety of artists who assisted him on some of his songs.

YG, another rising rap star, helped Griffin on “Ex.” This has to be one of my favorite songs on the album. YG has collaborated on songs before such as “Only Right” and “Put in Overtime,” which adds to the obvious comfortability heard throughout the song.

Among some of my other favorites are “Droptop in the Rain,” “Dawsins Breek” and “Stare.” “Droptop in the Rain” connects with me because it has the same mood that made me fall in love with the style of Griffin. It includes a smooth soundtrack and is coupled with his and Tory Lanez’ vocals.

“Dawsins Breek” speaks to the side of Griffin rarely expressed in his music. With fame comes money, girls and cars. Lyrics like “I got a brand new coupe, uh, I got a brand new ‘Rari, yeah, I got a brand new boo,” literally cover all the bases. Nonetheless, the song is fun to listen to lyrically and the beat is one of the best on the album.

“Stare” is great alone because Griffin managed to acquire Pharrell Williams’ help on this song. Wiz Khalifa is also featured on this song. Griffin has the ability to apply the same excitement of a rap song to a R&B beat.

Overall, Griffin continues to impress me. His discography continues to grow and as it does, he will as well. His musicality and true talent foretells a long and lucrative story. I’m already excited for the new projects to come.


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