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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

When will Mercer win a game?

For the first time in decades, Mercer University now has a football team and that team is going to be playing against other schools this year. I was in the second semester of my sophomore year of college when I heard the news that Mercer was bringing football back, and I will admit, the news caught me by surprise.

Personally, I have been wondering when Mercer University will win its first football game. I know that the team has been training hard for over a year now, but it is still hard to make any guesses.

Several factors should be considered that could affect the outcome of Mercer’s first couple of games. First, this is the first football team Mercer has had in decades.

Second, apart from the fact that this is the new football team’s first year playing, this is also Mercer’s last  year playing in the Pioneer League before next year’s move to the Southern Conference.

The Southern Conference will have Mercer playing some different schools than it has in recent years. That alone will change things for every sports team at Mercer.

The switch to the Southern Conference will also double the challenge presented to Mercer’s football team.

That said, these challenges might mean nothing to the team’s results on the field. That is part of what makes the new football team so exciting to me; it is almost impossible for me to figure out what the outcome of the season is going to be.

That said, I could still wildly guess on when Mercer will win its first football. My guess is that it will sometime this semester, thought there is little foundation for that guess. I cannot think a more defined period than this semester, so that is my best guess.

For me, the most exciting part Mercer’s football game will not be about winning or losing. For me, it will be about going to the games with my friends and the rest of Mercer University.

Football games were never a big deal at my high school, so I am hoping they will be a bigger part of my senior year. I am personally glad that football came back to Mercer University while I’m still a student there.

I will admit that it does not really matter when Mercer wins its first football game. I am just excited to see the game, and I will definitely be at as many I can make regardless of the outcome of the games. The fact that Mercer’s first football game in decades will be one of the memories of my time here is awesome to me.


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