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Friday, Mar 31, 2023

Breaking New Year resolutions

New Year’s Day is viewed as a fresh start, a chance to begin again, so people make big com- mitments to themselves about things like getting healthier or more organized. But why do we promise ourselves things we can’t, and don’t, keep? This year, instead of making resolu- tions of grandeur, let’s find new and exciting ways to break these New Year’s regulations. After all, rules are made to be broken.

Eating Healthier:

Better eating habits are always on the list of top New Year’s Resolutions. Come Jan. 1, we swear off all fast food, throw out all our cookies and vow to eat more fruits and veggies. But, two days into the diet, we pass by a cupcake shop and stare longingly at the icing, then break down and pig out. So why not just indulge to begin with? Eating well-balanced, healthy meals is important, but so is keeping our sanity. A fun way to break this resolution is to have a baking party with your friends. Everyone brings a different home-baked treat and recipe to swap. You can even keep the treats semi-healthy by trying vegan or fruit-based desserts.

Saving Money:

With the economic climate still fair, saving money is a smart

resolution, but not a fun one. For every penny added to the piggy bank you think of some- thing fun you could be buy- ing, like new shoes, trip to the movies or dinner with friends. But, like the healthier eating plans, occasionally break- ing this resolution can be fun. Give yourself small goals and rewards to start. Try saving $5 a week for a month then buy a small treat like a new accessory or used video game. Soon you will be saving money without even knowing it. Just be sure to splurge once in a while so you don’t become a Scrooge.

Read More:

Promising that you will read a Dickens novel by Valentine’s Day is a great resolution, but as college students we can barely get our required reading fin- ished without adding mounds of “just for fun” reading as- signments. If you must read more, pick up a magazine (or newspaper), sit back and enjoy breaking your ambitious reso- lution. No, you won’t be able to boast about your long per- sonal reading list, but you will be up to date on some current events. Technically you are reading more and instead of forcing yourself to focus, you can enjoy a little break from your studies.

Get Organized:

They say if you get organized, you can get more stuff done. Sometimes, though, trying to get and stay organized can be

Kayleigh Irby/ Cluster Staff

Many resolutions become obsolete when sugar cookies are brought into the equation. Realize some goals are either unachievable or pointless. It’s better to enjoy your year.

more stressful than letting your stuff be a little messy. The best way to break this resolution (without losing your home- work) is to keep a designated disorganized area in your room. Life is forced to be organized enough and having a little place to throw stuff without worry can help relieve some stress.

Study More:

Getting good grades in college is great, but it’s not everything. College is about the experi- ence you have and the people you meet along the way. The best way to break this resolu- tion, without feeling too guilty, is to have a study group. Invite some friends over to review chapter notes and eat good food. Soon, studying and tests

will be a distant memory and you will be having fun. If you have been studying a lot re- cently, chances are you haven’t had much fun and blowing off steam can help boost your grades. After all, your brain can hold only so much infor- mation. So go ahead, take a lit- tle break. There is always time tomorrow for studying.


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