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Friday, Mar 1, 2024
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In response to Alex Moreschi’s “In protest of the prodigal statue”

We pay a tuition fee and in turn we get a service. I’m afraid the argument against the bear statue ends at the fact that it did not come from tuition funds, but I’ll supplement my statement anyway. First: How can you possibly argue that someone—or a university, in this case—must use extra funds the way a student(s) sees fit?  It is true that there are different departments that could use the money for something else. Any department could argue that they need a new “something.”

Let me put it in a different perspective. No customer goes into a fast food restaurant demanding that they quit wasting money on fancy unnecessary renovations,  huge play slides or even that useless art you often see. They begin worrying more on the quality of their service: you hand the cashier a dollar, he hands you a burger.

I’m not trying to compare Mercer to a fast food restaurant but rather point out that the underlying principle is the same. You pay Mercer and Mercer provides a quality education. Second: You portray Mercer as being selfish and misguided in their ethics, when in fact it is you who does not fully understand the ethics at hand. Perhaps JFK’s quote will help get the point across: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

I suggest you first start finding a way to better this university and “change the world” yourself before you worry about what others do. Furthermore, I don’t believe buying a statue promotes any negative mindset to students, especially one that promotes our school as strong and courageous.

I trust in what Mercer does and you should too, but perhaps I’m being too hard on you. Maybe you’re right. Let’s take down the bear and sell him; besides, there are lots of schools with a bear as a mascot. While we’re at it, let’s grab ol’ Jesse Mercer and sell him for parts. After all, he has no use sitting all alone at the Quad, but I hope for Jesse’s sake all your fellow students don’t agree.

- Michael Lopez

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