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Monday, Mar 4, 2024
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The Setonian

Business School lectures need more diversity

I received many gifts from Mercer over the past four years, such as amazing friends, wonderful professors and enlightening experiences. Today, I want to highlight a fourth gift: critical thinking. This ability is one of the most important hallmarks of higher education. Unfortunately, I’m worried ...


Let's talk about gas, baby

Let’s talk about gas prices. As anyone with a car, or a television knows, the price per gallon increased significantly over the past few months. Most of the Republican candidates blame this increase on the Obama administration’s policies. I’m going to attempt to explain why oil prices are largely ...

The Setonian

Reasons Obama will win the November general elections

President Obama is finally getting a break after a politically rough year. It is my opinion that he will most likely win the general election in November. Here is why. First, the economy is picking up steam. Consumer confidence is rising significantly—this metric is a more accurate predictor of re-election ...

The Setonian

Ron Paul and his plan for America's fiscal affairs

In the last issue of the Cluster, I bored the majority of this newspaper’s readers with a lengthy overview of Ron Paul’s monetary policies. I am pleased to announce that this final article of the series will be less mundane when examining his plans for America’s fiscal affairs. When I speak of ...

The Setonian

Examination of Ron Paul's economic policy

 In my previous article, I examined the foreign policy stances held by presidential candidate Ron Paul. Because I do not wish to fully lose the attention of this newspaper’s readers—or at least those who put up with my rather unromantic economic infatuations—I will be splitting this article into ...

The Setonian
Letters to the Editor

New SIS system frustrates Mercer students

The summer months frustrated countless Mercer students. As of August 14, the school has yet to notify many students of this semester’s cost. It’s not comforting to move back into expensive dorms and houses while financially blind. Study-abroad students bought their $1,000+ plane tickets without ...


Keeping a level head in the abortion debate

Recently, there’s been a whirlwind of abortion-related opinions on these pages (and our sidewalks). Honestly, it’s refreshing to see Mercer students actually care about controversial issues once in awhile. I figured I should jump into the fray and make a few compelling points. 1) When one says ...


Liberal politicians use the rich as scapegoats

A common theme seen in the more liberal media outlets is populist anger against “the rich.” Those two words encompass a diverse group of people. Dr. Thomas Stanley, a premier expert on America’s affluent, ran statistical analyses showing that “the rich” are composed of three groups: the richest, ...


A-Sun tournament, students can share UC gym

Yes, it happened again: the gym was closed the week before Spring Break. While I am glad that our school has had the opportunity to host the A-Sun tournament because I know it brings in a lot of revenue, I think it is unfair that the University Center workout area is closed the week of the tournament ...

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