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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024
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How to combat senioritis

There are just a couple of weeks left in the school year and if you are a senior, chances are you have fallen victim to an epidemic going around campus: Senioritis.

Senioritis is a contagious feeling that affects high school and college students preparing for graduation. Symptoms can come as early as junior year and if left untreated can have a huge effect on performance.

Symptom 1: Eye-rolling

Eye rolling is one of the first symptoms to come up. It is most commonly experienced in class when a professor gives out an assignment and your first response is to roll your eyes and think, “This is stupid and I don’t want to do it.” Often eye-rolling is accompanied by a slight grunt or overly dramatic sigh.

Symptom 2: Lack of motivation

This symptom can come and go at any moment during the Senioritis epidemic. It can be confused with procrastination. However, it lasts much longer and doesn’t carry with it any feelings of anxiety or regret.

Lack of motivation also takes many forms, from not wanting to do a simple homework assignment to not wanting to write a paper or finish a large project. The symptom is at its worst when you no longer have the drive to finish projects you once enjoyed.

Symptom 3: Thinking you are a freshman again

Symptom number three is the most harmful of all the symptoms. As a freshman you stayed up until 3 a.m., ate junk food all the time and partied every weekend. As a senior, your body can no longer handle junk food at every meal followed by partying until early morning hours. You need your veggies and sleep. As a freshman, you did not have half the responsibilities you do as a senior. This symptom causes temporary responsibility-memory loss.

How to beat Senioritis

Senioritis can be harmful if left untreated. The best cure is to admit you have caught the epidemic. Realize you are having trouble focusing on school and projects.

With just a few weeks of college left, don’t start taking on new projects because it will cause you to feel overwhelmed and make Senioritis worse. To help ease the feeling that graduation will never come, count down to smaller events on your calendar like dinner with friends next weekend or the last day of class in a couple of weeks.

Finally, sit back and enjoy being in college because in a few weeks you will be considered alumni, professionals and adults. Don’t focus so much on just getting done; focus on ending this chapter of your life on a positive note.

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